Unable to agree to the terms and conditions

Everytime I start up the game it makes me agree to the terms and conditions no matter how many times I agree and reload the game it still asks me to agree. On top of that I am unable to adjust my settings any setting i change goes right back to default when i go back to the game.

Very weird. It sounds like the profile file is not getting saved between sessions. Are you running your XBox in on-line or off-line mode? (Not the game, the entire console.)

Online, I’ve loaded my profile onto my brothers xbox and whenever I try to join his game for a splitsceen session it freezes the game but he is able to join my split screen game if I am the host of the game but I still cant change my sensitivity or anything

The game does appear to currently have some bugs with split-screen co-op, particularly with menus between player 1 and player 2, so that may be messing things up.

Can you play solo on your brothers console at all without crashing or freezing? You might need to run at least one solo session to ensure all the files are synced locally from the cloud before setting up for local co-op.

Yeah I can play solo fine it only crashes whenever I try to join his game.

I’ve only done one local co-op session on the remaster so far, but it seemed to work fine. Not sure why it isn’t in your case. You could try doing a power reset of the console just in case it’s a cached data issue. Otherwise, you might need to file a support ticket

I ended up wiping all save data for my profile and that fixed it so maybe something was corrupted in my profile idk.