Unable To authenticate Player

XB1 Unable to sign into servers, “Failed to Authenticate player with the battleborn server” Several friends are also unable to log in for the same reason.

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Same for PSN.

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Same for PC

Bad news on the internets:

That’s likely why the issues with the Battleborn servers.

Anyone in Eastern US or Ontario/Quebec/Maritimes is going to feel this.


Was just going to post something about this, you ninja. :acmaffirmative:

Heh, I was logged in and playing Solo, and was getting a lot of bizarre lag. So I restarted the client, and now I can’t get in.

Probably should have kept the game running… although, on the other hand, server outages might cause Gear errors and such. Maybe I’m better off waiting for things to stabilize.

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A sever outage may be the explanation for today, but since the winter update I’ve been getting this periodically.

When it happens the match usually ends with “failing to authenticate with the battleborn server” causing the match to disappear from my match history and not record lore or daily challenges. Oddly enough it does seems to keep xp as I had a level up once after it happened.


Same issue on PS4 in Europe atm.

Amazon servers went out a couple of hours ago, and its messing things up everywhere in the internet

Amazon wasn’t able to show my orders but checked again just now and it’s working.

To add to the evidence that it is the Amazon Web Service causing the problem, found older news articles about how Gearbox makes use of that service.


Finally someone else with the problem today. I can’t log in and get the same message. I tried deleting the game and reinstalling as well as every other idea i could think of and nothing has worked. I suppose the only thing to do is wait it out.

Good thing I’m going out to help with moving.

Stay unstable, you damn blasted servers…


I have a lot of expierences when i log on and i am 1 to 2 levels lower, or i lost my credits and platinum from the daily challenges.

Sounds like a better plan than mine…which consists of checking if it is working yet every ten minutes or so.

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Mine isn’t working either, but fortunately I won’t feel it since I’m occupied elsewhere tonight.

Another reason why always online is a bad idea.

Just play another game for the time being. I’m looking at my 156 other games on my Steam list.

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So true I hate when things like this happen.

Guess who decided to get Battleborn for PS4 today. Dangit. :disappointed:

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Good news is: Amazon reports having resolved the error, so maybe things will start working again soon?

EDIT- Update: Damn! Not yet.

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Yes, finally i am about to go try it.