Unable To authenticate Player

Not working for me either, or any of my friends.

Hours later, it finally let me back on.

And I’m in. Servers appear to still have some issues.

Yep. It’s put me in 2 games in a row, we’ve voted on the map, and then booted back to the lobby.

Private matches as well. Not particularly surprising, given how major the server issue was.

It let me i n to but i have yet to try to get in a match, but at least i got past the home menu.

I just got back in, Ben @ 100 OPs on the Phoebe dlc, got to the bottom of the elevator when:
Steam Tuesday!

Can’t bypass the map selection screen. I get kicked out to the lobby every time.

Edit: are the devs aware of this problem? @Jythri

Yes. We’ve posted on Twitter, here, Reddit and a number of other places.

We are experiencing outages due to the Amazon issues today which have interrupted many internet services across the country. We may continue to experience problems as long as Amazon’s servers are problematic.

We’re deeply sorry for the inconvenience, but as we’re also dependent on Amazon here, it’s a “sit and wait” scenario for us as well.


Really bad day for the team at AWS - wouldn’t want that kind of pressure at all.

Literally used my last loot booster this morning. Hoping to grind some story for that sweet loot before work. Then BAM! Got hit with the “you thought” I hope my loot booster timer froze so I can grind after work. Most likely not but, I can dream!

Given the circumstances, I would put in a support ticket on that. Hopefully the support folks can at least refund the ticket,


So as a follow-up (@Jythri), AWS has done the post-mortem and found out the root cause of Tuesday’s outage: a command line error made by a member of the maintenance team taking way more servers off-line than intended: