Unable to change inventory, vendor and map keybinds?

There seems to be an issue (that was already a thing in BL2, mind you) where changing your keybinds doesnt affect vendors or the fast travel keybinds in anyway. There doesn’t seem to be any separate tabs for changing these keys either.

Basically I’m stuck dropping items and zooming out into galaxy view with X or pressing Q to create a custom map waypoint even though I’m doing all of my playing on the opposide side of the keyboard. Changing tabs, comparing items, inspecting them, all of it stays on their original keys just ignoring the fact the I’ve changed all keybinds that were originally there.

Did nobody ever bring this issue up in BL2 because I’m quite baffled to find it in this game too :smiley:

There’s also some minor funky stuff with accepting missions, where the game tell me to press E to accept it, although this is less of an issue as I can use numpad enter for that. Whether it works because it’s the enter key or because that’s where my AS is bound, I don’t know. Still a bit weird that it would suggest using keys that aren’t even bound for me.

There wouldn’t happen to be a way to change these keys in a config file somewhere? If there isn’t I’m genuinely hoping that this issue would be acknowledged and the vendor, inventory and fast travel keys could either be bound separately where ever I want them or alternatively that they’d just correspond to the keys that I’ve bound the actions originally found on those keys into.


This also seems to be the case for turrets. My mouse2 is not my ADS but for turrets it apparently is. Also I had to spend a minute or two wondering how to unseat it until realized it’s the same problem again. I have to press E to dismount turrets even though I can get out of cars using my regular “use” key.

Just going to bump this one more time as I found more thing to add to this list:

While everything you can assign specific keys for while driving work just fine, there is no separate use key while inside a vehicle. This one is weird but I can get in and out of cars using my non-default use key but initiating travel while in a car? Default key E.

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