Unable to check "COMMAND" after a match

After completing a match in story mode (private or public) I try to check on the lore mastery of the character I was currently playing. Every time I select command after a match three tiles show up 1. Loading data 2. Retrieving metagame data and 3. Retrieving stats. After a moment two disappear leaving the one that say “loading data”. IT WILL NOT GO PAST THIS! I constantly have to completely back out of the game and force close it before it will let me check again. I have even left it alone for at least 30min with no avail. What do I need to do or who do I need to contact for this issue? I want to master each person but it’s to much of a hassle to constantly exit the game and go back in to check where I’m at for that character. Please help :frowning:

did you already try restarting the game
it was the same for me yesterday

Thats a known and sadly commonly occuring bug on XB1 - me and my fiance have this almost everyday.

The only solution is to close the game and restart. Entering the Command-Menu the first time after start rarely triggers the bug.

As I heard GBX tries to implement a fix in the next big update. I really really hope they´ll do.

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That sucks, I’ve only had this happen on XB1 yesterday. It was really bad for about 30 minutes, and eventually stopped after an hour or so.

My main issue in the past is sitting in matchmaking for about 5-10 minutes without a single player added. If I restart the game I can usually find a game in 1-2 minutes. But this is first time I’ve had Command Menu and Match History issues that freeze the game.

I’ve been having alternating periods of no problems and severe problems with this bug. For example, last week I got into Command multiple times in the same session without issue. Yesterday, I could only access it once without restarting the game. Also noticed that it sometimes took a while for the game summary to load after the end of a mission. I suspect the frequency of occurrence is somehow tied to server loads, and the weekend event is stressing things a bit more than usual.

I recognized this too - my fiance has the error far more often than I do, but at some sessions its not occuring at all, while on other days its there after every single mission. Its worse on weekends, but it could just be a feeling.

But it’s not just on XB1. I’m on PS4 and this happens ALL THE TIME.

Been having this issue since Pendles was released.