Unable to click on "Battleborn" while on marketplace tab

Hi everyone,

I don’t know if this is on purpose or not, but I can’t see any Battleborn on the marketplace tab.
I can see gear and packs but not battleborn. It always stucks on gear when I click on Battleborn :confused:

Is this on purpose when there is nothing to unlock? I’ve got the season pass and Alani so there shouldn’t be a reason to even click on it but I was curious…


Hey Max, what platform you running on? Console or PC?

And have you redeemed Alani with your keys?

PC and yes I used my key :confused:

Press Escape first, always.

I don’t know what you mean^^

Or is the reason why I don’t see any characters at the marketplace because I can’t buy any? Bought Alani with the key.

You won’t see any of the Battleborn in the Marketplace tab. You will only see them on the Battleborn tab. You select the Battleborn you want and then hit the appropriate button to use your key and unlock them. Once this is done they should be playable in game. If not then contact support.

This was an issue right after they released Alani. The tab was named Characters and after June 2 patch I stopped seeing it. It behaved exactly as you say - refreshing the Loot Packs subtab when clicked.

See point 16:

thanks for posting me this! thought I was the only one!

Ok, wait till pendles is released :smile: