"Unable to communicate with Gearbox Software SHiFT"

Any idea why I’m getting this message? Just got the game a few days ago and wanted to redeem codes. Signed up for an account and it says I’m “Linked” to SEN, but it’s not working.

Sorry if this is a noob question.

do u have an active psplus sub? if not thats why it doesnt work.

if u have one then i dunno.

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Yes, I have PS+. Was playing the game online last night. When I go to the menu > extras > shift, it loads for a while and then returns an error message.

Having the same issue on the Xbox one. I have a active shift account, but will not allow me to access it.

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Have you used it before? I haven’t .

Yeah, I am getting the error message on Xbox One as well.

Got it to work.

Went to shift website > unlinked PSN account > started a fresh boot of THC > Went into shift codes > Signed in via the game menu > Voila


I dont have PS+ (just PSN) and the instructions above still worked. Thanks!!!

Yeah I got mine to work as well.


Just a heads up for the devs, I’ve had to unlink/login using these steps more than once to enter codes. Not sure if this has something to do with the suspend/resume feature on the PS4 or if it’s related to something else (most likely since this affects xbox users too). Not a big deal, but certainly not convenient.

Having the same problem on Xbox one. Been trying to fix it for the last month. Tried everything. Almost ready to get a refund. Purchased it little over a month ago.

Try putting the codes in lower-case instead of upper-case.

Omfg, thank you so much. That was super easy and I have no idea why I didn’t think of simply un-linking it then redoing it. I thought I was about to have to dig years back to my older psn and everything!