Unable to connect Shift to PSN to get my Borderlands 3 items from Twitch Prime

When attempting to connect Shift to PSN, it gives an error and won’t let me connect. It lets me connect Twitch and Steam to the account, but not SONY/PSN. I even tried logging into Shift through PSN on the main Shift website, but it takes me to account creation. I can’t claim my items due to this issue.

Hey there,

There’s a couple of things that immediately pop to my that may be causing something like this. My immediate recommendation would be to submit a ticket to Gearbox Official Support using SHiFT Account as your Game. It may also be useful to include the exact wording of the error message you’re seeing. One of our Agents should be able to provide some assistance once we receive your Ticket!

I did last week and have yet to get a response back.

I took a look through our log of tickets and I’m not seeing anything submitted from your Account. Would you mind sending another one in? Apologies for the inconvenience.