Unable to connect to other Players

I’ve tried posting this on Reddit with no success, so hopefully I’ll get a solution here.

I bought the Digital version of this game when it was on sale on PSN a few months ago to try & relive some great memories I had. I previously had the Physical copy of the game, but due to my brother “losing” it at his friend’s house, I was unable to play & eventually just kept playing Battlefield 4. Being Digital, this would mean I have access to it anytime without the risk of having my brother “lose” it. So, after a few weeks of playing as Krieg(my favorite class), I decided to try & join some other players to Trade some loot(namely Character Skins), but everytime I attempt to join someone, I get sent to a loading screen & right back at the Main Menu(where your character is looking off a cliff) with no message. If I try joining a Host that has DLC I don’t have, I get a message stating so, but when I try joining a Host that has no DLC, I get sent back with no message. The only DLC I have are the Mechromancer & Psycho Pack, as I plan on waiting for the Handsome Collection to come out on PS4 to try out the DLC Campaign.

hallo man
i think i have the same problem
do you find a solution?
if, can you explain
see you next

i find!!!
i erase (again) and re install (again) except one data on goty disc
for moment people can join me
hope you found a solution