Unable to continue campaign

Adding my experiemce with a stalled game. Had a lv 29 Zane who just got to the Family Jewel on Eden6. Accidentally loaded him into a level 10 local coop game. Now he cant’t continue because he can’t get to any planet other than Pandora or Promethea. Athenas and Eden 6 show on the galaxy map but not the planet list and can’t be selected. None of the suggestions that have worked for others in the forums (talking to Lilith etc) have helped. Filed a support ticket but so far it looks like that playthrough is dead in the water with no choice but to start over from scratch.

Speaking of which can we PLEASE be able to skip the opening cinematics after the first time?

Having plenty of other common issues as well,; contents of bank vanishing every time the game exits , near unplayable local coop performance, bluescreening the PS4 regularly, ‘sort by type’ not working at all, etc.