Unable to continue gameplay on TVH mode

Started a new character, finished normal mode, and the Claptrap DLC. I started playing through the True Vault Hunter mode. The problem is when I try to go from Helios Station to Serenity’s Waste. Enter the moonshot and go through “door.” I get the loading screen for Serenity’s Waste, then I am in the container, at the start of Serenity’s Waste. And that is it. I am just in the container. I can move around, but there is no HUD, no weapon showing, and cannot pull up my character screen. I can use my ability and grenades, but that’s it. It would not continue to load the rest of the gameplay.

I have saved and quit multiple times. It will load me back in Helios Station, right before entering into the moon shot cannon. Then it is the same thing as above. Not sure what can be done.

It’s often worth splitscreening in these sorts of situations. A second character seems to jolt the game into gear. It doesn’t matter if the second char is only level 1 they just have to be there…

It worked. Thanks a bunch!!!