Unable to create lobby(fixed)

I have browsed the forums and none of the fixes worked for me other games work fine (other then destiny atm it would seem. Not that its relivan) and I’m payed for 10 more months of plus.

I have the same problem after patch with both battleborn and destiny
I have tryed all trix in the book
Ps4 set as primary
Restore licence
Change DNS, ip and mtu settings use different network
Rebooted router and fiberbox
Ps+ active until 2021
Even tryed bootingthe game on ps4 and ps4pro
Delete and reinstall game nothing works in My favor
I hope that gearbox/2k will adress and fix the issue
Had a 5 day xpbooster running guess that is just Down the drain

Same exact thing is happening here, just bought the PS4 and battleborn brand new so I didn’t think the system was the issue but it obvious now that it’s not

And @michaelam
While that absolutely sucks, I encourage all of you to please put in a support ticket
They respond very quickly and accurately, and if for whatever reason at the end of the day the can’t help you, it’s data so they can fix it down the line for you and other users. Thank you