Unable to download bl1 for free weekend

I am unable to download borderlands on the Microsoft store for the free weekend on my Xbox 1 can anyone help please?

The free thing is a PlayStation Store deal:

Sadly, no deal on XBox.

I also could not download the game for free. So I went ahead and purchased it so I could get my VIP points. But my VIP points are not showing up on my account. Can someone help me with this.

As per the announcement linked above, the points aren’t processed until the end of the event on the 21st.

Well that’s kind of lame. When bl3 comes out will PlayStation get the better support too?

Thank you for your timely response to my initial inquiry, and I love your signature too HGTHG

If you mean the free weekend, I believe Sony had that planned themselves - store discounts are always up to the store, not the developer. The VIP event was on all platforms for the GOTY Remaster version. If you don’t have the game, keep any eye out - it would not surprise me if MS also had a deal on it in the final run up to BL3.

I got my points for the 17th and 18th but did not get my points for the 16th or for playing all three days