Unable to download Claptastic DLC - Only cancel option given

Xbox 360.
I have the rest of the DLC loaded, including the compatablity back and part 2 of the Claptastic DLC.
However, when I attempt to download the 2 gig file, all I get is the cancel option, as you can see in the attached picture. There’s no loading circle either, it just sits there.
For giggles I let it sit while doing something else for a half hour, and nothing changed.
What’s going on? Has the DLC been disabled?

I’m taken to the exact same screen, no loading circle just the option to cancel.

All other DLC is downloaded, cache deleted, compatibility packs deleted and reinstalled.

Still no change, please at least offer some advice.

I am having the same issue.

Same problem here no options but to cancel really been disappointed in this title and this is just another thorn in my paw, does anyone from gearbox ever even see these posts?

That’s a good idea, thank you.

It may be worth contacting XBL store support as well, since the download is coming from there even if you access it through the in-game menu. I’ve had store/download issues in the past which turned out to be MS-network related (DDoS attack under way). On most of those occasions, the service status page never got updated to reflect what was actually happening, either - I only found out through 3rd-party sites about the network problems.

I too have recently got the season pass and having trouble downloading part 1 of the DLC.
I contacted Xbox support who were less than helpful and basically told me to go here for help. I have logged an ticket with Gearbox so hopefully will hear something back soon.

Are you getting the same error as Cybercoyote, or a different issue? I got the DLC through the season pass when it came out, and I did have some issues with messages saying I needed to install part 1 or part 2 when they were already there. I just restarted and played anyway, and it worked fine. That’s different from the above post, though.

I’m getting the same issue as Cybercoyote, it’s left me unable to download part 1 with only the cancel button on screen. Part 2 downloaded no problem as did all the other DLC :confused: Just tried deleting all downloaded content and redo it all from scratch after clearing the cache but it hasn’t helped.

Bummer. When you do get a response from the support team, make sure you point them at this thread so they know that multiple folks are having the same problem.


Gearbox tech support had me clear the cache on the 360, then uninstall the game and all of the DLC before reinstalling everything.
Neither of these things worked.

So, the issue has been escalated with them, and I’ve put in a support ticket with Xbox itself. Hopefully something will be resolved before too long. At least tell me what is going on!

Oh wow, talk about aggrivating.

Gearbox finally came back and said that it’s a problem between the in game marketplace and the XBox marketplace. The only way around it was to spend about an hour and a half with Microsoft tech support, letting them bash against the problem, then I had to purchase the content before they would issue a refund for it.

So, the DLC is finally downloading, but I had to buy it and get refunded first.

Good luck.

Thank you for getting back to us and being so patient throughout this daunting and challenging matter, we duly appreciate it!

Good news! We have finally found what the factor causing this issue for
many Xbox 360 players is. After much back and forth between our own
Support team and Microsoft’s Xbox Support, the latter found out that
there was an issue with the way the content is listed on the Xbox Live
Marketplace. So what does this mean for you Vault Hunter? Well let me

You will need to get in contact with Microsoft’s own Xbox Support here: http://support.xbox.com/en-CA/contact-us

You will write in your current issue and provide all screenshots and information we have asked you from our end, including the transcript of this ticket (or link) so the agent who will be looking at the issue will be able to know and pinpoint the issue.

Microsoft will ask you to purchase this content again. Fear not! They will proceed to refund you right after and you will be the proud owner of the Claptastic Voyage DLC!

After all this, you may finally enjoy what has become, at least for me, a Claptastic Challenge!

I sincerely hope this will grant you your downloadable content as
originally planned and get you to become the most Badass son of a -
Woah… got carried away there.

Stay Badass Vault Hunter… Stay BADASS!

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us again; we’ll be happy to help you out!

Kindest regards,

Did this cutesy e-mail piss you off as much as it did me? I wasted hours of my time not getting answers from these people and they are trying to be funny.

In the end they get to keep my $29.99 for the season pass etc and I can’t use it beyond the stupid character downloads. Totally unimpressed by the tech support department.

Sure did, I’ve spoke to about 5 different Xbox support reps none of which could help. In the end I was just refunded. Utter trash, season pass should not even be on sale.

Consider yourself fortunate, you got your money back. I had kids to pick up etc.and eventually after and hour of nonsense I had to give up on the weird Microsoft chat. I didn’t even get a refund so you fared better than I. I wasted hours and still ended up getting screwed.

I would love to know what was changed, because it worked just fine before when I purchased the pass (back about when the Holodome released). Maybe the last XBL update did something weird? It’s got to be an issue on M$'s end…

I’d suggest trying MS support again, and specifically pointing them to this thread.

Possibly, regardless the thought of enduring the chat process again makes me break out in hives.

After close to 6 hours Microsoft finally refunded my season pass. I basically had to prove to them that the in game DLC download was broken, however if I pulled the same download up on the dashboard I was given the option to ‘download’ straight away. In no way was this a pleasant experience and I really feel sorry for you guys and girls who still have to go through this.

Word of advice, copy and paste any official replies from this or other forums into the support chat, make them do the work.

Thank you for contacting 2K support. I do hope that you’re doing fine.

I would like to take a moment and thank you kindly for your patience with us throughout the matter. I couldn’t have asked more of you. Trust in our assurance that we are doing all that is in our power to assist you to the fullest extent.

This inopportune issue is related to the profile licensing. We do have some steps to try as a work around, but there are not guarantees that they will work. It’s pretty simple. If you have access to another profile that owns the game, you can install it form there and then play form your own profile.

Firstly, I would like to try some basic troubleshooting. Please follow this support article in learning how perform a cache clear on your Xbox 360.

Finally, as a last resort, uninstalling and then reinstalling the game might help.

If that did not work, then I have to respectfully ask you to contact Microsoft again. I personally dealt with the first cases that reported this issue with the Claptastic Voyage part 1. I can assure you that purchasing the game again, while getting a refund from Microsoft is the only way to solve this. We highly recommend to talk to Microsoft support to get an assurance that they will refund the content, as you do already own it. I also suggest you place a call, as you can explain in detail the issue and the steps that we tried to resolve it.

Again, our deepest apologies for any inconvenience this situation might have caused. If you have any other question, and I do mean any, please don’t hesitate to contact us again! We’re here to help.

I look forward to your reply and hope you accept my sincere and respectful salutations.

With Regards,

Nadim F.
2K Support

Best of luck.

I REALLY hope someone high up at either 2K or GBX (or both) is pushing Microsoft to fix the issue permanently on their end. The system was NOT broken like this when the DLC launched.