Unable to download New DLC

Can only see a similar thread in the PS area but I have Xbox One and am unable to download the new DLC - it doesn’t appear in the Download menu anywhere.

I have the physical disc copy of BL2. Is it only available for digital owners? If so anyone know why?

Are you playing the backwards compatible or the Handsome Collection version of the game?

thanks for the quick reply. The original BL2, not THC. I have pretty much all the other DLC but can’t see this one

PC, 360, PS3, XB1 or PS4?

I have the Xbox One X

OK Moved you to the right spot. There do seem to be some issues with the backwards compatible version of BL2 on XB1(X) when it comes to disk-based DLC. I’m not sure what to advise for this tbh - just had a very similar problem reported. I can only assume it’s some sort of licensing issue with the way the XBox handles DRM for backwards compatible titles.

You can try dropping a line to MS support or opening a support ticket with GBX/2K.

Since you have the XB1X, though, you might want to keep an eye out for deals on the Handsome Collection - you’d be able to transfer all your existing saves and get the higher frame rate performance (as well as the 4K textures if you have a screen capable of displaying them.)

Thanks for the help and advice - much appreciated

I am also having a problem.
I am on Xbox One, and using the 360 DOWNLOAD version of BL2. I dloaded the new DLC, Xbox store says “installed”, but the DLC is nowhere to be found on the Xbox or in game.
I have been on the phone with MS for the past couple of hours (still on the call actually), and they have no idea what to do. MS and I are both asking “Sup?”

I’ll ask the same question I asked a few others - if you go into “Games & Apps > Updates” is there anything queued there? I don’t have the BL2 backwards compatible version of BL2 (only BL1 and some non-Borderlands games) so I can’t check it myself. The DLC should be visible if you go in, select BL2 and “Manage” then look at what’s stored locally.

I’ll echo what I posted above about filling a support ticket though; you might want to include whatever trouble-shooting steps MS had you do (I’m assuming the usual power reset, factory rest. etc.?)

In G&A>Updates:
I can see all 41 of my DLC, but not Com Lilith

With MS Support:
I reset the xbox, and signed in and out my G tag,
cleared the cache, etc.
Basically everything but un/re-install the game.

Having the same issue here! Both the downloaded and the physical copy of BL2 (360) don’t work on the xbox one. (The new DLC that is)

We are not alone. Saw some peeps on redit with the same issue. Pretty sure one of them is on PlayStation.

Latest word I had was to try uninstalling the game, then reinstalling it and the DLC. If you’ve tried that and it didn’t work I would definitely file (or update if you already filed) a support ticket.

There’s been a flood of posts with this problem in the PS section… :frowning_face:

So this issue isn’t present for everyone playing the new BL2 DLC on xbox one with a 360 copy?? Wich means we basically got unlucky?
I’ll try and reinstall the DLC. I will keep updating to this forum :slight_smile:

Just finished uninstalling and reinstalling the game, and still no new DLC. The Xbox store still says DLC is installed. The new DLC is not listed anywhere on the Xbox, so there is no way to do anything with it.

OK I’ve let the community manage know; if you could still file a support ticket if you have not already done so it would be appreciated. (Link is up-thread ^^)

Really hope this gets fixed before July 8th :open_mouth: (if it’s not intentional at least, but that doesn’t seem to be the case)

Just FYI I created a support ticket yesterday following your advice and will keep you posted on what they come back with.


So the MS store is offering THC for EUR 9 until the end of the week. I’m tempted to get it in the hope that this might resolve the issues but OTOH I’m a bit reluctant to pay out in order to get my “free” DLC! I have an OLED tv and tbh the old BL2 disc scales up pretty impressively anyway so I’m not sure what extra benefit I’d be getting

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No, there is nothing in updates. Basically the problem I’m getting is that the DLC isn’t even visible to download. There are no error messages to address but it’s just not visible