Unable to download New DLC

60 fps instead of 30. ALL previous game content for both BL2 and TPS. You may find the game looks even better. Plus you’re future-proofing your game and save files, as there’s a brand new console coming around 2020 but MS are promising any games that run on XB1 will run on the new console too.

I have also had the same problem. I have the dlc downloaded but when I go to play bl2 there is no fast travel or anything on the choose character menu that lets me play the dlc

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Update: after several email exchanges it seems like I won’t be getting this DLC as GBX support don’t appear to be reading the ticket and just coming out with generic advice on the lines of “what error messages are you getting” when I repeatedly tell them that the issue is that the latest DLC does not show up in available downloads so there’s nothing for me to action. One message came back with “Congratulations, your problem has now been solved. Please log in to enjoy your download.” Er, no.

So thanks very much for your advice on THC but I’m now wondering whether GBX deserve any more of my money as they are clearly not interested! It’s been a bit frustrating to say the least!