Unable to Equip Bonus Pack Weapons

We have the super deluxe edition with the toy box weapon pack and the gold weapon pack. Previously we installed them, recieved the items, and used the items. We haven’t played in two weeks. When we got on today there was an update. We installed the update then logged on to the game. The skins and trinkets are gone. The guns/grenademods/shields are dequipped, are in our inventories but say they cannot be equipped because the toy box pack is required. The trinkets and skins are gone completely. However the xbox has both of these packs listed as recently installed.

I have a similar problem. When I first used the weapons pack it gave me all of the weapons etc. but they all had base stats meaning they were not usable (the guns can’t even be fired because they have 0 ammo). Then, after leaving one weapon equipped last week, I came back to the game yesterday and the equipped weapon had disappeared completely. I still have all the others since they are in my stash, but they completely do not work.

Quite disappointing considering I bought the super deluxe version of the game!