Unable to find 100 Ops in Montana and the Demon Bear

So, I will say I’m pretty darn good at getting all 100 ops, or at least all of the findable ops if I miss a challenge or something.

But the thing is, Montana and the demon bear has never allowed me to finish with 100. I’m not sure how or why, I’ve searched the entire map every match and I have yet to find all of them. Considering I’ve played this op 19 times and am only at 99 max ops, I’m frustrated.

My frustration does come from a lot more than the 99 ops however: namely not getting a legendary from the bear, the unnecessary spikes in difficulty, the lack of shards, and only being around level 7 when I get to the final boss.

I don’t finish this map every feeling like I enjoyed it like I did for the Oscar or Attikus DLC, this one is just a grind I’m doing to get the Ops Legendary (which is one of the best Ops legendaries!)

So I found this map on imgur

but it doesn’t actually feature a super hidden ops point that is in this video

Is there a better map? am I just failing where others dont? I’m getting frustrated and this is by far my least favorite DLC even though I have to farm it to get the legendary >.>

@lowlines would appreciate getting a map up of this DLC soon, not sure why you only have maps from the 1, 2, and 5th DLCs


Winter Update -> other projects (I have a LOT of ongoing projects). Devoting a bit of time and energy to the new Zelda game atm and hope to check out a few other games too before the end of the month. :sunglasses:

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If on PS4 and if u wish, I’ll be happy to run it with u, @Moosicus - have been lucky enuff to have scored Demon Bear 100 a number of times by now :four_leaf_clover:

sorry! didn’t mean to kinda attack you. the amount of work put into this game is very much appreciated. that damn demon bear just got my blood pressure a lil too high :confused:

I’m down! my PSN is moosicus, same as my name here. I’ve really not done ops with more than just myself so that’ll help! I usually play as UPR to hopefully get their commander pack if/when I do hit that 100 goal

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Will fire u a fr asap.

Haha all good! I kind of dug my own hole by continuously coming up with new things to make >_<"

Part of the reason why the maps are lagging behind is that I also want to update the UI to the new Winter Update look and fix a lot of the issues that I had with it (ie make it more mobile friendly). I made the mistake of building my own map UI from scratch, which creates extra problems you don’t have to worry about when using a library (the trade off of using a library being you then have to customize it to get it to work the way you want it to, which in some cases can be more of a hassle than simply making one from scratch).

I’m actually working on an interactive map for the new Zelda game using a library called leaflet.js, and once I finish that, I hope to reuse the code and experience I got from building that and give the Battleborn Maps a much needed overhaul.