Unable to find matches

I pre downloaded this game since day 1 because i really want to play, now that the beta is open i am unable to play with other players,¿why?because the matchmaking never find players for me to play, no pvp, no co op. Now yesterday i was cool with it even when i could´t find a single match, today not so much, i have waited 2 hours trying to find all 9 or all 4 other players to play with and the match making couldnt find them, i know it´s beta and i know it will have issues but…how could i test the game if i can´t find people to play with, and before you suggest, yes i have play the singleplayer, in fact it´s the only way i can play the game.
Now from what i could see all the players that i find, are from my country only(COLOMBIA), and not from the continent or at least from the nearby countries, so i have the concern that if that is the way that the game it´s going to be there will be no reason for me to keep my pre order of this game, i know pre order its stupid but i can have my stupid moments sometimes.

I am wondering if some other persons have this same issue, i am sorry for any grammar mistake as you can guess english is not my native lenguage.