Unable to get players in lobby

Is anybody able to get people joining their game I havent had a single person join since the first mission. Does joining a match also mess up your progress?

yes, it mess up your progress… it skips missions.
don´t know which plan devs got while programming campaign random matchmaking?


Am I better off restarting?

Yeah, it’s daft. I just tried playing with someone else for the first time and it totally messed up my game. Now I’m halfway through a story mission I wasn’t up to.

They need to make match-making like it was in Borderlands 2 again, so that we can choose who we join before we actually join. It makes no sense that that feature was removed, making matchmaking totally random now.

(And how can I play the missions I missed? By randomly jumping into games, again and again, and hoping to find someone who’s already doing them? Shakes head.)

restarting is only way

I got lucky and found a group that was playing the missions I missed, but that experience has made me very cautious about joining others’ games.

As I said above, the developers really need to revert back to the old method of matchmaking which allows us to see roughly where the host is up to in the story before we join. (I was actually hoping that old method would be further improved; not made worse.)

Just randomly throwing players together based on level is so inaccurate, because people play through the game at different paces. One Level 9 player might still be sidequesting in the starting area, while another Level 9 player might be deep into the story having skipped most sidequests. And if you accidentally jump into the game of someone who’s deep into the story (as I did) your own game gets screwed up. You miss out on content.

Everyone quit online play to many penaltys for farming our new prenerfed build gear.