Unable to get to the title screen on Borderlands 2 on Xbox One

Hello there. Im having an issue getting my Borderlands 2 to work for the Xbox one. When first loading it up it work fine but i was unable to use my old characters. Once I got the update fro the Xbox 360 version I was able to send my characters over just fine. However, after turning the Xbox One off then on this morning I am unable to play Borderlands 2 for the Xbox One. It stays saying “Reading save data Please wait…” I have been wait for about 2 hours now lol. I have check my internet connection and everything is fine on that end. I was wondering if this is a common issue and if so what is the best way to fix this. Again I am stuck on this part I cannot even get to the title screen. Hope to hear something soon.


I tried loading up the Pre-Sequel for the Xbox One and I am now getting the same issue. Stuck on screen where it only says “Reading save data Please wait…”

Hey dude, I was having the same problem but I seem to have fixed it by turning off my xbox and unplugging the power bar. So I hope it works for you!

Wow I feel stupid lol thanks man that worked!