Unable to go fullscreen

so i am unable to enter fullscreen :confused: there are no settings that i can find for it plz help

The game does not currently have a mode for full screen in the front menus. However, it does launch to a borderless full screen when in game. Are you having an issue in game?

no ingame is working fine :slight_smile: thanks for a fast reply :smile:

Iā€™m having this issue as well. Iā€™m running three monitors, with borderless this allows me to click outside the bounds of the window putting the game out-of-focus.
Does not seem like there is an option in the in-game menus that allows for fullscreen, or at least lock the mouse into the game screen.

We have these launch options for various window modes you can set in your steam launch options
-gameplaywindow=f for fullscreen
-gameplaywindow=w for windowed
-gameplaywindow=wf for fullscreen windowed borderless, default

stebbi6, sorry I forgot we had these earlier when I posted