Unable to join certain friends and they can’t join me

For some reason I am unable to join some of my friends and they are unable to join me. I have tried almost every troubleshooting solution possible and I still cannot play with the friends I want to. An error messages pops up every time I try to join them or they try to join me.

What does the error message say?

“Connection error
Your connection has timed out. Please check your network.”

One thing you can try is to do a full power reset on your console to clear any stale cached data. (Turn console off, remove power cord, wait at least 30 seconds, plug back in, reboot)

Another is to look for the in-game network settings options: switch you game to private or local, launch the sessions, then pull up the settings again and switch back to your regular mode. (I’d be more specific, but I haven’t played around with the settings that much myself yet so I’m not sure where everything is in the new game yet).

If none of that works, you’ll need to file a support ticket for further assistance.

This didn’t work. Made a ticket though