Unable to link Xbox live with SHiFT help

Recently I unlinked my Xbox live and SHiFT accounts in an effort to get my VIP weapons for BL2 to send to my in-game characters, it’d been 2 weeks since I’d received my first weapon (at the time) from the randomizer but it had not shown up in game despite my accounts being linked.
My intention was to try unlinking and linking them again which I had seen as a possible fix for the issue online only to discover that now I can’t re-link the two accounts because “This platform ID is associated with another account” which is impossible because I only have one profile on both Xbox live and SHiFT.
In game I can redeem SHiFT codes for skins/heads and keys just fine but the weapons never appear, anyway figured I’d try out asking here if anyone has a solution since Gearbox support hasn’t gotten back to me in 4 hours and I’m pretty bummed out about this.
I did try another browser when attempting to connect through my insider profile and rather than just signing me out with no error message this time I got an error message for a second before I was signed out so yeah…progress? Trying to connect through the SHiFT website results in the same message as before. In my time waiting for a reply I was able to make and connect a twitch account so it appears to be a SHiFT to Xbox One problem for me

It’s possible there’s an old email address associated with one or the other, and you simply entered the wrong one. If you haven’t got an autoreply with a ticket number yet, check your email spam/junk folder as it may have gone there. If so, you’ll need to white list the sender address. A human follow-up from GBX/2K can take a bit longer, depending on ticket volume, so give that at least 24 hours.

I have the exact same problem and I think the mistake is that I used a different email address:
@gmail.com is the domain I’m using in game and
@googlemail.com (by mistake as I didn’t thought about it when I registered to Borderlands.com) is the domain from borderlands.com

I already sent a message to the shift support and really hope they can fix this and compare both accounts to one. :frowning:

Same issue here. I reached out on release day and haven’t received a response.

Did you email or use the support form?

I placed a support ticket. It still shows as open.

Did you get an auto-reply with the ticket number? If not might want to check your spam folder.