Unable to load Guts of Carnivora

I have a fairly weak pc so it’s somewhat possible that my gpu might not be strong enough to load the zone. That being said, the rest of the game has run fine for me at around 30fps. The save isn’t corrupted, so I know it isn’t a part of the could save issue. The game will load my hud and play sound from the area before freezing and crashing which forces me to restart my computer. My best guess is that this is an optimization problem, but I’m curious if other people have encountered this problem as I haven’t seen a forum post about it, and the one reddit post I found has no replies.

I also have this problem and no idea what to do about it, I just really wanna finish the amazing story

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Ya i’m having the same problem, you got any new ideas to try to solve it?

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Happening to me now too. Tried verifying and reinstalling the game and it still crashes. Guess my character is stuck there for now.

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Ok, so while I haven’t found a real fix, I was able to play the area utilizing a friends much stronger pc which allowed me to progress and finish the story. Despite this, I can no longer load the Meridian Outskirts without the game crashing. I assume this is all due to poor optimization rather than a specific bug, but honestly I don’t know.

Same here, gonna do it on a friends pc but i hope they fix it for future playtroughs/backtracking

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Same issue with Moze. I’ve done it many times, so I have no clue what’s causing it. It doesn’t crash immediately, but it does after at most 60 sec. Can’t progress at all. Doesn’t happen in other zones.

Edit: Since I had a time limit I was able to sprint to spawn points and kill the boss. However now I have a corrupt item in my inventory so when the icon tries to load, it crashes (it crashed while I was in my inventory swapping an equipped item). This is my 4th character to have some issue like this, which is why I hope we get a save editor soon. Anyway I backed up my profile, dumped the items into it before the icon could load. As expected my bank was now corrupt, so I just replaced it with my back-up. I back up my characters each day and I luckily didn’t get much good loot so I can just toss all her items in the bank and then reload the newer character so no progress will be lost, save the hour I spent trouble shooting this (of which 80%+ of the time was just starting the game).

It happened to me at Skywell 27, then at The Anvil, total freeze and just like you playing on another computer was the only way to continue the story. Now i’m having problems with Guts of Carnivora as well but it’s not a freeze but a CTD, haven’t tried on the other PC.