Unable to load video / cutscenes in-game "Softlock" (Linux/Wine Issue)

Hey there!
I’ve managed to install and run Borderlands 3 just fine through Legendary, which is a CLI application that lets you install games from your Epic Launcher library.

To run it on Linux, it uses Wine. Simply put, it simulates a Windows environment.
Sadly, there is no video. It refuses to load cutscenes / videos, which I assume is because of something in the configuration files (Because it’s technicallynot on Windows).
I’ve gotten stuck on the Blood Drive mission, since Troy / Ty want to “video chat” again, but the game doesn’t progress because of no cutscenes.
It being Linux, I’d have to edit the configuration files so that BL3 can find and play them, allowing me to progress the story.
Where does BL3 store the config files, or in what file can I put the directory path leading to the cutscenes?

The files Are present within the game’s own Movies directory. I’m just not sure why it is unable to find them at all. I am also aware that the Config folder exists in My Games/Borderlands 3, but this hasn’t brought me much success.


The game uses a specific video codec that comes bundled with the Windows Media Pack. Not sure if that comes bundled with Wine or not. I know it’s been an issue for folks with the ‘N’ version of Windows 7 or 10 since it isn’t installed by default. Hopefully that will give at least enough of a clue to figure out what’s missing and where to find it.