Unable to play Moxi's Handsome Jackpot -- I Have Season Pass Installed

Ever since the “Welcome to the Handsome Jackpot” poster appeared in Sanctuary, it has been telling me I have to purchase the content, but I purchased the Season Pass bundled with the game. Yesterday, I was finally able to install the Season Pass, however, the poster still tells me I have to purchase the content. When I go to the Xbox store, both the Season Pass and the Moxie DLC show as installed.

How the hell do you trigger the missions?

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me too

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I’m going to assume you know how to do this, but I’ll post it anyway just in case it helps someone else.

Press the Xbox guide button

Hit “Start” on BL3

Click on “Manage game and Add-On’s”

Go down to “Ready to Download”

And the dlc should be there waiting to download, once you download it close and re-open BL3 for it to register.

What happens if you go to the poster, click on it, then click through to “purchase” the DLC?

Also, can you confirm that you have the full 6 GB download on your HD?

There is nothing under Ready to Download, the DLC is already installed. I installed it yesterday. Yes, full 6GB.

When I go to the poster and click through to buy (as I said above) the store tells me I have the content installed.

Does a full power reset do anything? If not, you may need to file a support ticket

Yeah, I opened a ticket, just hoping there was a specific solution while wait for them to reply. Full power cycle hadn’t helped either (fully unplugged the Xbox).

Any store or system updates waiting to be installed? Not sure if that would help or not, but I’ve had things get stuck in the past like that.

Unfortunately, no. Everything up to date, several things have gone through the queue since the game pass uode installed.