Unable to play multiplayer with friends / party members

Hi Support

Myself and my friends have all recently bought the handsome jack collection on xbox one as part of the black friday sale

We can all play individually, but we are unable to join each other’s games

We get :

Connecting to host, please wait
Then after 30 secs we get
Connection failed, please check your network cables and configuration

Is this a current known issue or is there a workaround ?

All other games work, we are in party chat with each other, we can see each other’s games on the main menu of borderlands 2 and the pre-sequel on xbox one but can’t connect

Any ideas please ?

If you need any more info, please let me know



That’s really weird. GBX released an update to fix exactly this issue only last month, and it’s been working for those who already had the game by all accounts. I’m not sure why your version shouldn’t also have received the same full patch.

You might want to fire in a tech support ticket at support.gearboxsoftware.com, as something is obviously wrong - even if the digital version you bought was “older”, you still should have gotten the full update when you started up the game.

Edit: here’s the link to the update notes

I am having the same problem. But, I get the same error message when trying to add a player for Co-op split screen.

Again, that’s really odd. This should have been fixed in the October update. I’d suggest the same thing (a support ticket), but you could also try doing a hard reset of your console, just to make sure all updates have been fully downloaded and applied.

Having the same problem with a friend of mine. We both just bought the Handsome Edition from the black Friday sale and neither of us can connect to each others game. We both reset our wifi and turned off our consoles and it still isnt working. My character transfer went smooth so thats good (except it refunded my badass tokens so that’ll be fun to redo lol) but i mainly bought it to play with my friend so hopefully this gets fixed soon.

Check the sticky post about transferring saves from 360 to One; the badass tokens not transferring is part of that. Really not sure why you and the others seem to be purchaasing an un-patched version of the game though. Again, strongly recommend submitting a support ticket, as something is definitely up.

Pinging @JoeKGBX on this thread to see if he has any specific insight: Joe, these guys should have been getting either a patched version of the game, or get the Oct. update and most recent hotfix downloaeded when they start it, correct?

Yea, definitely odd. I’d recommend to everyone to make sure you have the update downloaded and are connected to the Internet.

If you’re still experiencing weirdness, contact our support team at http://support.gearboxsoftware.com and they should be able to help you out.

What was the size of the update on XB1 (just to make it easier to tell if it’s installed)? Or is there another way on the XB1 to tell what version/update you’re on?

Thanks Joe!

Me and my friends are having the same problem, bought the digital handsome jack Black Friday sale, and we can’t connect with one another, and that’s honestly the whole reason we all bought it because we used to play borderlands 1&2 a lot together. If gearbox could please look into it that’d be much appreciated

See @JoeKGBX’s post just above: make absolutely sure you have an open internet connection and the latest patch installed (should be a large one); if so, and you’re still having issues please contact GBX support at http://support.gearboxsoftware.com .

Having the same issues. Can play any other game with my friend except borderlands 2

I am having the same issues. I can connect to Live and play any other game I have.
I purchased the Handsome Jack edition on black Friday and have been able to connect to exactly one game since.
I am failing on Quick Match and even accessing the Match Browser has been crashing the entire game. Sometimes, Match Browser does give a game list, but any and all attempts to join any game fail after 30 second timeout.
I am certain of connection to Live. I am open NAT. I am behind a Lynksis router. I am connected wired to the XB1.

Have any contributors to this thread seen their problem resolved?

Update: Now, things have gone from bad to worse.
Even though the XB1 is connected to the internet (shows “It’s all good” and I was able to install a game this morning from the store) Borderlands 2 does not detect a network connection, at all!
I paid for XB1 Gold for one month along with purchasing HJC, so I could go online and play! All that is happening is that the days are burning up and I’m losing my days of Gold!

I’m unable to join games of friends on my friend list. It’s very odd, as I can join up random people via matchmaking, but not personal friends. We’ve checked everything out on both ends and it should be working, but it’s not. Every time I try, I get stuck at the main screen or I get an error message about cable connections (even though my internet is fine.) I did email support, but I’m hoping for this to be resolved quickly.

Anyone else experiencing this? Or did anyone find a way to fix it?

@JoeKGBX and the original poster. Please take note of my experiences below.

I had some connection issues just last week (late November/early December 2015) connecting to someone on my friendslist for Borderlands 2. I had him join my game instead. Here is what I did. Not sure it was all necessary. Just part of my troubleshooting.

(back button and start button aren’t labeled on the xbox one controller but they essentially are in the same place as on the 360)

I quit and restarted Borderlands 2 (xbox button, start button, quit, reopened the game). I ESPECIALLY restart the game after my xbox has been turned off with Borderlands still open.

I also ensured that my network visibility was set a certain way. At the title menu when looking at the rotating character onscreen, I hit the back button and set it to invite only, or public, or friends, depending on the situation.

I may have also invited him and/or used party to help.

I am a little paranoid of using any xbox button features when trying to get someone connected. Why? Because I noticed how when I use the xbox one button that little red Xs appear next to my character as if I had some sort of disconnection. I don’t know if it means anything but it certainly is worrisome.

When I go back into the game the Xs go away and multiplayer does seem to work, I think. But it’s always a little odd to see that.

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It doesn’t sound like this issue has been resolved - has anyone solved it? Exact same for me. My friend bought B2 JUST so he could play with me. We both start new characters together, everything was fine. He couldn’t get his mic to work, so he restarted the game. We’ve never been able to connect since. I CAN, however, join public multiplayer games.

I ve the same problem. Your copy of the game is digital? Because my copy is digital bought from the store 2 days ago. Also I have another problem with the DLC download.

Mine is from the 360 disk, but it did have me download a very large update so that it could play. Basically I think when you have the disk, it doesn’t use it but to verify you own it? And the copy is digital anyway? Maybe? Well, it’s extremely annoying, so I’m not giving up with gearbox or 2k support.

For the dlc problem I’ve solved. The dlc are not downloadable from the menu inside the game because they are already inside the game in fact I try to do some fast travel and the DLC story start immediately. However I’m still unable to play with xbox live friends in Co op

If you used a 360 disk then yes, it would download a digital version of the game.