Unable to Play on Left Hand Screen (Dual Screen Setup)

I find this issue to be a fundamental problem with many games these days and an issue overlooked by most developers.

On a dual screen display setup like I have, the game automatically plays on the Right Hand Screen.

There is no way to change this. No way to switch the game to play on my Left Hand screen. This is how I play. 95% of the games I play are displayed on the LEFT hand screen in my Dual Screen setup. I like it this way. I’m used to it this way.

There needs to be an immediate patch to allow users to display the game on whatever screen they want to play it on.

Side note: the Target Display setting under visuals ONLY recognizes the right hand monitor on a dual screen setup. It doesn’t even recognize that I have a 2nd monitor running.

Please fix this asap. For $99USD, this should have NEVER been an issue to begin with.