Unable to play private story after leaving public online is STUPID

I recently rented Battleborn from Redbox to see if I enjoyed it. I thoroughly have so far. I played through most of the story and was really enjoying everything I saw. Then I tried some online play. Holy ■■■■ is it difficult. I played for a bit and was consistently smacked around. I play video games for fun. Losing 5 times with an average KDR of 0.1 is not fun. But I thought ‘Hey, I can get better and I can unlock better characters by playing the story’, so I left my game.

This is where I encountered one of the absolute stupidest mechanics I’ve ever seen in a video game in my entire life.

Look, I understand punishing a rage-quitter by not letting them join another multiplayer match until the one they were originally in has ended. I get that. It makes sense.

But to block a player from playing a PRIVATE story mode mission for 30 minutes because they weren’t having a great time online is ■■■■■■■ dumb as ■■■■. I don’t want to play with anyone. Me playing this private story mission does not in any way, shape or form affect any other player in existence.

Dumb. As. ■■■■.

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[quote=“FightClub_252, post:1, topic:1543628”]
Me playing this private story mission does not in any way, shape or form affect any other player in existence.[/quote]

Yes it does affect other players. You quit a game that other players were in. That left the team you were in one player short (as there’s no player replacement for leavers, which is typically how MOBA type games work). So that team then has a struggle against the other (full) team and will invariably lose. It spoils their enjoyment of the game and the other team too (as most people want a fair win, not one because of an imbalance due to the loss of a player).

If you join a game, the expectation is that you will play it to the conclusion and the quitting mechanic of only allowing you to rejoin the game and not play any other game, public or private, is deliberate.

Anyway you know now for future reference. :slight_smile:


If this game’s community gets so butthurt about losing one player for a single game that they prevent that player from doing anything whatsoever on the game other than sit through a crappy match for the next X amount of time, then it is not a community I want to be a part of.

I really hope Gearbox takes a long consideration about this. Borderlands was so good, my favorite game in fact, and I had such high hopes for Battleborn. But a community that is this intense about online play is not a fun community and they will lose players because of it.

EDIT: Maybe if multiplayer seemed balanced in any way at all it wouldn’t be so obnoxiously hard to gain a foothold and start moving up the ladder. I might not have been so upset that I couldn’t play PRIVATELY if I had an iota of a chance against the level 75+'s I was constantly facing.

At least try “vote to surrender” before leaving. Most people by now are aware of the stupid matchmaking antics and will gladly bail out from a pubstomp, so you wont be forced to sit it out


There is a surrender option in the game. If a team is getting thrashed by the opposition, chances are the team will vote for surrender.

Gearbox are unlikely to reconsider this, they built in the mechanic deliberately so that players will just not quit games at the drop of a hat. A game doesn’t last long anyway, max 30 minutes and likely less than this, especially if a player quits (and no player should be quitting right at the start of a game anyway). It’s really not much to ask a player to stay and play the game with their team and, if the team is doing that badly, to vote for surrender rather than just quitting. If a player can’t manage that, a few minutes wait to start a new game isn’t long really.

Regarding getting better at PVP, it’s not about KDR but about objectives (though if your KDR is low you’re likely throwing yourself at the other team and feeding them deaths mean they level up more quickly). It’s about learning the maps and learning how your character plays. Unlocking other characters won’t necessarily make you any better. Characters like Oscar Mike who are available from the start are pretty good to play, whilst other characters who need to be unlocked can be classed as advanced to play and therefore more difficult in PVP.

If you’re having problems in PVP you’d be better posting and asking questions to get some help on doing better.

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Honestly, I’m so miffed about this that I don’t think I’ll even buy the game.

I know that KDR isn’t the objective of the online play of Battleborn. My point with KDR was that it isn’t fun to die 15 times and not be able to even touch another player.

EDIT: Plus, I didn’t want to start a new game! I wanted to play the storyline by myself! My original point is that I understood the need to punish those who drop out of an online multiplayer game! What I don’t understand is the connection between private story play and online multiplayer play. The two should be 100% separate. Ban me from multiplayer for the rest of the night if I quit a match, I don’t care! But what I do in multiplayer should not affect my ability to play privately on my own XBone!

Due to the way that the game works with gear, command rank, character rank etc, all games are online as everything is stored on the server, not locally, so that’s why you can’t play private matches if you’ve just quit any other public game (PVP or PVE) until they finish. This is something that isn’t going to change.

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I get what your saying, but it happened to you once, doesnt mean it has to happen more. Now you know what to do (vote to surrender) to avoid waiting.

…Curious, how does the rented game give the player an online ID?

Have a friend load up a private story mission and then join them.

They’re terrible alone anyways.

I’m curious as to why you think it would matter that the game was rented versus bought.

The game itself doesn’t equate as a unique I.D., the I.D. is created from whatever account you are playing on. I created a second account just for some of the more annoying lore challenges, all on the same system, ran at the same time.

Just so ya know, if when they ask if you wanna rejoin something while trying to play a story mission, just press the no button and it’ll let you advance. You just can’t start another PVP match.

…I’m curious for 3 reasons:

  1. Friends
  2. Cheat reporting
  3. Region

All Communities get butthurt when a teammate leaves. It brings down the team. Go ahead and ask anyone. It’s just more obvious because when you leave in Battleborn, the game doesn’t replace you. So now you’ve left 4 other players high and dry, giving the opposing team the advantage.

Also, if you’re new at the game, that doesn’t make it unbalanced, it just makes you terrible. It’s not your fault, you’re new. The matchmaking sucks but level doesn’t signify any level of skill. You can play the story mode all the way to level 100 but that doesn’t mean you understand an ounce of how the multiplayer works.

That being said, you seem like you’d be more comfortable playing Call of Duty because you can just slam your forehead on the controller and be good at it. Glad you’re not planning on sticking around. Battleborn isn’t for you.

No, it will not. If you do not rejoin the game you left, you have to wait until that game is over.

I mean it doesn’t ‘matter’ that the game was rented versus bought. That was an extremely minor detail in my post. I was just making the point that I hadn’t been 100% sold on the game and was just testing it out before I spent the full amount of money on it.

You’re not making any sense. How are those 3 things at all connected with him having rented Battleborn?


The leaver penalty wasn’t added in because of a “butthurt community”, it is there and has been there since before the game was even released to punish leavers because being even one person down in a PvP match can have a huge impact on the final outcome.
Leaver penalties are nothing new and have been a part of all other MOBAs I’ve ever tried, Battleborns penalty is definitely on the tamer end (and has gotten flak for it, many think the penalty should be worse)

Yes, you are blocked from all the modes if you leave a match early. It is a penalty after all. It’s not supposed to be kind or nice.

But really, the penalty isn’t the problem here. It is the reason why you felt it necessary to leave a match early in the first place that is.

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Says the guy that was so butthurt for leaving a game and then not allowed to start another game he came to the boards to complain.
If you really had to wait 30minutes, then you left extremely quickly and made a really bad time for the 4 remaining teammates.