Unable to play private story after leaving public online is STUPID

All I’m saying is that it doesn’t make sense to me to block all modes. As I’ve said a couple of times before, I’m cool with a stricter penalty to a player as long as that penalty affects the actual game mode they are playing. I get it’s not cool to be a man down, but ■■■■ happens and I think it’s foolish of Gearbox to have a minor penalty that blankets the ENTIRE game rather than a strict penalty that only affects online play. Ban me from online play for the next 24 hours, whatever. Don’t prevent me from playing the game I just spent money on. That’s how you lose customers.

…Not making sense?
It’s a fair question to at least ask if you can rent BB and cheat with it.
Wash, Rinse, repeat.

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Honestly, I personally don’t really know what you’re getting at. The game just uses my gamertag to make an account, you don’t have to own the game. I just rented it to see what it was like before I committed and bought it.

I have the same complaint as the OP. In my situation, it wasn’t quitting the match because I was being pwnd. It was because when the previous match ends, the match summary page pops up and I was reading through it. Meanwhile, the game was auto-loading me into the next match in the background. When I was alerted to that, I tried to drop out of the matchmaking system as I wanted to run a story mode match instead. Problem is, there was no way out once the character select locked me in.

My choices were a) Vote To Surrender and hope two others wanted to do that. b) Be stuck playing a match for 30 min that I didn’t want to play. c) Quit the match.

I chose Quit. Now, that is a viable option in the game command window. It’s right there in the same popup as Vote To Surrender. I imagine if the dev didn’t want people to quit, then it wouldn’t be an option at that stage. I also imagine that there should be a warning somewhere that if you quit the match you won’t be able to do anything else til said match was finished.

To find out that I can’t play the game for 30 min because of a combination of auto-loading, no warning and my decision to switch modes to a different game after the fact is poor design.

Now if you want me to quit the game as well as the OP, let fly the venom. Cannibalizing the game’s community isn’t going to make Battleborn a greater success.

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I’m fine with the fact that if you leave a public match you can’t play anything else. Discourages quitters like others have said.

One thing that makes absolutely ZERO sense to me, however is that if you play private versus with just yourself and a bunch of bots, that match will continue and you won’t be able to play anything else even if you quit the bot match. Now THAT has got to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. If I setup a bot match to test out some mechanics, there’s no reason I should have to finish out that match if I am able to complete my test in the first 2 minutes. When I leave a game and there’s nothing but bots left fighting each other, the game should automatically end. Unless I’m really missing something here. Like…why is that a thing??

CLEARLY there is at least a little wrong with such a blanket punishment system. All of us agree that there shouldn’t be NO punishment, but that the punishment could be revised a bit. Private play is just that. Private. I’ve never played a game that had the option for both private and public play that connected the mechanics of the two. Destiny was probably the closest I’ve seen and that game was garbage. Gearbox just applied a flat punishment to all game types that prevents you from playing all game types when it should be separated.

What it SHOULD be is a longer ban, maybe 3 games, from all ONLINE variants, be they multiplayer or solo. You should always be able to play by yourself if you so choose to.

EDIT: And DarkCurrent has a super awesome point that attacking players who aren’t completely satisfied with the game is only giving the game a worse name.

That’s on you though. I understand wanting to read through your post game stats and all that but if you’re slow enough that you actually sit through an entire queue again then it’s not the games fault you can’t pay attention to what’s going on.

If you quit, you get punished. Yes, I do agree some things are certainly handled poorly, like the game not replacing you for quitting. Yes, it does suck that you can’t quit and jump into story mode but you quit your last game, so you can either A) Return to the people you bailed on or B) Enjoy your time in the penalty box. Battleborns biggest issue is that it’s an Online Only game so private story is under the same ban.

Sucks but it’s not the only game with a punishment system in place. Halo 5 for instance has one. Quit too many times, get temporarily banned and that can last much, much longer than Battleborns 30 minute wait timer. At least Battleborn gives you the chance to go back and finish it.

But Halo 5 doesn’t ban you from playing the campaign while you wait. 343 understands that solo campaign play has absolutely nothing to do with online play and so keeps the two separated.

I agree that it is very stupid that you can’t join a story mission after quitting. But for future if you hop back on, just go the surrender option. Nothing against you as you don’t have as much experience with the online play, but nobody wants somebody going 0-10 and just feeding the other team around. It gives them free levels, and free opportunities to collapse on your team and outman them. if I’m not playing with a large group and we get stuck with somebody who’s going absurdly negative I’m going to vote for surrender, even though I’m usually against it. But having somebody running into 3 guys and going ugh this game sucks I can’t get a kill is a nightmare to have on your side and more often than not impossible to overcome.

Halo 5 also doesn’t require you to have an internet connection to play the story mode.

Like I said, that’s the biggest issue. Somewhere in the development line, they decided every mode in the game needed to have an internet connection. It sucks for sure.

They should’ve looked at how much of a horrible choice that was for Destiny.

Also, I still don’t really get why it matters that story mode uses a server connection. While it completely shouldn’t need one to play solo, the fact that it does shouldn’t matter. I would be shocked to hear that Gearbox couldn’t make the punishment selective to public matches just because all game variants use online.

EDIT: Thanks for cooling your attitude by the way. Obviously I was annoyed when I posted this and you insulting me didn’t help. Sorry I called you an ■■■■■■■.

Everything is saved server side. All your stats/gear/levels/etc. so it all requires you to be online.

I mean I get that it requires you to be online. What I’m saying is the fact that private and public play are both online doesn’t mean Gearbox can’t change the punishment to a 3-game ban from public play and still let you play privately.

I understand. It’s silly but I don’t know if it’ll change honestly. I guess it’s to prevent you from quitting and playing with a friend in private.

I mean, you can quit story and not be punished but you can’t quit a match.

IDK what’s different with my game, but as I can switch as I please. Except from a PVP match to another one, but I can switch from one to a private match or public story, and I can leave a private match and go play a real one.

Yeah, this is how it works…you just hit “no” when it asks you to return to game. I can definitely quit out of any kind of private match and go into another match, I just did it yesterday when I went into a private match for a few minutes to test something with Ambra.

I dunno about PVP to story because…uh…I’ve never quit out of a PVP game.

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A few times I’ve had a thought like, “Okay. Maybe I can actually play as Benedict!” When I hit 15 deaths and less then 5 minions or 1 kill or 3 assists, I then leave. But yeah, I just think people don’t realize, if you just press no, you’re free.

In my case, ‘no’ just kept putting me back to the main screen. You had to rejoin the match in progress or do nothing. No private mode. No public. No story. No other PvP.

You can leave a private match and join a public one, I know.

You cannot leave a public one and start a private game. That is my issue.

It makes perfect sense. Players will be unable to do anything until the match they left is completed. You can either hang around in the command center to buy gear or re-join the match. Those are the only options you get.

In regards to multiplayer, I can offer you as much advice as you would like. Game modes, maps, basic mechanics, characters, gear, strategies, etc, etc. Ask away, and I’ll be happy to help.