Unable to Post mail to shift accounts

Anyone have any ideas why I can’t mail to shift accounts only epic accounts but no mail getting at the other end? Thank you for your time.

Seeing the same issue.
Somewhere in the patch notes they said due to crossplay they changed sth in the manage friends page and kicked shift accounts.
Only same platform friedns can be seen.
Maybe it can be reverted when you disable crossplay?

Can’t you manage/find friends and re-establish the link that way? Admittedly, not something I’ve tried, but I did see the options at the top of the “Friends” tab.

My shift friends are blacked out, i’m still friends but its blacked out. Its just that my wife plays on PS4 and I like to sometimes send her gifts when I find things she likes. I just hope they manage to do crossplay with ps4 :frowning:

Exactly, I am still “friends” with my wife but only her Steam account is showing up in the mail frontend ingame.
The shift account used to be there up until the cross-play patch hit. Now I can only send her stuff on Steam which I don’t want.
I guess the only option now is to fire up a cross-play game and drop stuff for her.

As if console friends are not screwed enough …

I am in a similar situation, but worse.

Before, I could email items to my shift friend, on PS5.

Now, I can’t.

And since it’s Playstation, I can’t even join a cross-play game and drop the items.

My wife plays on PS4 and I play on PC so I competely understand. As shes not as much of a gamer than me I would normally hunt items for her and mail them over to her, Plus I would join her on PS4 too and send myself items that I already had spare in the bank :frowning: But thank you for your replies. We can just hope maybe PS will change their minds and add to Cross play as it seems to be hurting them more.

This is utterly annoying.
As a console player putting up with the world drop rate nerf and the fact I have to farm what PC players can create in a blink of an eye (See, I play the game for playing builds not farming for builds!) - I couldn’t be more pissed.
I’m having a hard time to set up a crossplay game between my pc and the xbox. Please Gbx, bring back the option to have cross platform mail!

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The option is here. If you are on PS, you just have unlink Steam and Epic from your shift account.

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Okay, I managed to get it working again on XSX.

I de-friended my Xbox shift account, killed of thr Steam friendship they had as well and also unlinked the Steam account on my shift account that’s connected to the xbox account.
Afterwards, I searched for the Shift account connect to my xbox account on the pc and re-added it.

Now works properly and shows the correct account that is used on the xbox.
I could play a crossplay session now or send ingame mail.

If you have any questions fire away.
So glad that it works again!

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Bit late to the party here but, did this ever get resolved or a workaround found? The bf plays BL3 on PC and we both recently picked it back up again. He used to always send stuff from PC to PS4 via the mail system using my steam account linked to SHIFT.

I have tried unfriending/refriending and unlinking/linking my SHIFT and steam accounts but nothing is working - he can send items but they never appear in my SHIFT mail in BL3 on PS4.

It’s bad enough we still can’t cross play but now we cant even share loot?

I haven’t seen any mention of it in update notes, but there’s only been a couple and they’ve been focussed on other things. Did you try the suggestion in post 9 above?

I’m assuming the behaviour is fallout from the switch to cross-play and Sony/2K not being able to reach an agreement that would include PS in that.

I did but it didn’t seem to help - assuming I understood it correctly. As the PC version is on steam it links his steam account to my steam account (as friends) which in turn is linked my to my SHIFT.

I cannot directly add my shift account to his friends list in steam.

I believe the idea is to make sure that you do not have an Epic or Steam account linked to your ID on SHIFT:

Sorry, I don’t think I’m following …

I can unlink my shift from steam and epic but then to whom would he send the items to on PC version?

If he searches for my shift account on the PC nothing comes up

You are on PlayStation, correct? So they want to send it to the PSN you have linked to shift. If I’m understanding @Jeffwillburn 's post correctly, it’s your having both PSN and Epic/Steam linked that is the issue. (Hopefully if I got that wrong, he can clarify).

Ok, I have unlinked my shift from steam, epic and 2k.

The issue is I can’t see how you would send items to a PSN or shift account from the PC version?

How were you doing it before the cross-play addition?

Steam friend to steam friend. The items then ended up in my shift inbox in game in PS4 because they were linked.

From within the PC steam version of the game there’s no way to add a shift friend from another platform that I can see - you can’t even find them

Not sure what to do in that case - at least on XB1 I can see both XBL gamer tags and SHIFT IDs, but that’s with cross-play enabled. I had thought that, prior to cross-play, people had been able to send between PC and PS without needing multiple platform accounts linked to shift.