Unable to progress in BL2

Hello everybody. It years since the last time I’ve played BL2, and I’m a little bit stuck. I’ve got the class with the turret machine (Axton if I’m not mistaken), at lvl 48, and I don’t know why I cannot find anymore the main quest on the quests list. The is a ton of unknown quests, labeled as unknown, and some secondary one. I only remember I had started a game+ run, but I’m not even so sure about that! How can I understand If i’m on a second playthrough? I’ve got many dlcs but I really cannot remember if I have started something that is hiding the quests of the main game story. Plz help! :frowning:

Is it possible you have so many side quests that you haven’t taken, that your quest list looks like this? :

If so, in my case, I need to scroll down so I see this :

The Wildlife Preservation quest is the storyline one for me.

Also at the top where it says “MY MISSIONS (Region)”, you can click on that banner to toggle different ways of sorting the missions, like this:

At level 48, you should be in True Vault Hunter Mode. You can tell by going to the main start screen, “SELECT CHARACTER”, click your character (Axton) and you’ll see this (likely without that UVHM option) :

I hope this answers your question and that I haven’t misunderstood it :slight_smile:

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Or press Q

As you say, it’s possible to toggle the sort order for missions in your quest list.

What’s odd in this case is that, when you start up the game it should select the story mission quest by default (unless you were only part way through a side quest when you saved and quit last time.) So having completed main story in TVHM at level 48 is also a strong possibility.

[quote=“Sybelius, post:1, topic:1561068”] I’ve got many dlcs but I really cannot remember if I have started something that is hiding the quests of the main game story

It should be mentioned, in answer to your point about DLC maybe screwing up your main story, none of the DLCs affect the main story, they are separate mission lists that don’t impact on the main story missions (obviously some spoil story elements, but that’s another thing).

My advice would be to go to the character select screen, and select your character. If when you do the box shows up that Jefe posted a picture of, if it Shows Normal and True Vault Hunter Mode, then you haven’t finished the second playthrough. If you also see Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, that means you have finished your second playthrough and have access to the third playthrough. This may explain why you have no further story missions, if you have finished TVHM.

Problem solved. I’m in true vault hunter mode, and everything’s fine. I had logged in to the normal mode where I had already completed all the main quests, that’s why I couldn’t find them anymore! Once I’ve returned to the true I’ve been teleported right to the last quest I was into, and now everything’s ok again!

Thanks to everyone for your assistance!


All good, glad you got it resolved :slight_smile: