Unable to purchase battle born dlc on Xbox one. Can't find it, can't buy it

Gearboxed?! You do many things that confuse the consumer, but this one baffles me. Free trial was cool, bought used $5 and I look and look, everywhere for a place where I can give you money for the operations dlc, whatever it is, but it’s nowhere. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong and where I can find it.

Try the in-game marketplace.

Hello ! Yep you wiil see in the in game market, it’s the pass who cost 4200 pieces of gold.

Also the individual DLC’s are apparently in the bundles section, from what I’ve heard

Um, yeah, I’ve looked, a number of times. Don’t see it.

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I think it was removed so we buy dlc with Platinum. :sweat:

I’m not seeing it in the Battleborn Marketplace either. I know where nit used to be, but it’s not there any more. Bundles is just skin bundles and cosmetic packs, they’re not under “Misc”, and “XBox Store” is only platnum packs. It looks like the advent of the free trial version has caused some stuff to get moved around?

Even going straight to the XBox Store, Battleborn is hard to find and, when you get there, again only platinum to be seen.

Paging @JoeKGBX for attention…

The OPs should be under “Bundles”. If they’re not, it means you should already own them. If you don’t see them and can’t access them, just reach out to our support team and they can look into it for you. http://support.gearboxsoftware.com

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Ya, finally see them. Gotta spend $50 on platinum to buy the dlc. That seems about right/s. Thanks.

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For me the best way to have access at the operation map is to buy 4200 platinum (3500 for 20 dollars/euro and 700 for 5 dollars/euro) and buy individual DLC ! You can save 700 platinum for the same price (but if you want to unlock character, buy the pass but I think you can unlock all with credits wins in game, I’ve only two character now to unlock by myself by the way).

I want to have the operation map too, I just hope there are always some players to play it in coop.

PS : Sorry for my bad english.

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