Unable to redeem season pass

I purchased a physical copy of the game and my season pass code keeps coming back invalid.

I’m having the same issue. Keep me updated if you find a fix

Me too

I’m also having this problem I’m hoping for a fix soon.

I’m having the same issue, system is PS4. Purchased my season pass with the game from GameStop this morning.

Same problem

Try restarting the PS4. Then sign in under the main account. (That can buy things). Seemed to work for me.

I already tried that once and it didn’t work. Gave it one more shot after your post and low and behold it’s downloading. Awesome!


Hey guys, sorry about the multi-tag, but needed to make sure you saw this.


Please contact the Gearbox helpdesk for such issues.

Restarting the PS4 fixed it. :slight_smile:

I’ll try the restart when i get off of work. Thanks folks

Confirming that after restarting my PS4 I was able to redeem my season pass code.