Unable to update game

I am trying to find out some info or help on getting one of my games to update. I purchased the Handsome Collection last Friday. I was finally able to get both games installed after going “Off-Line” to do the install. I turned the network back on and turned the Xbox One off. The next day I went to play Borderlands 2 and it ask to do the update. I clicked Yes and waited till it came up and said Ready to Start or what ever it says when you can play. The update was not finished so I assumed it would finish in the background. After 2 days of trying to get it to update it was stuck at 73%. I tried everything I knew to do starting with the reboot, then to uninstalling the game and starting over. Each time it gets to the update and stops at 73%.

Last night I tried the Pre-Sequel and it ask for the update so I started it and was only able to get to 18% on it. Now the two games are going back and forth with one saying Queued and the other a % and then switching.

I have left the Xbox on each of the last two nights to try and get it to finish but it never does.

Oh one more bit of info. These games are loaded on an external USB hard drive, not sure if that matters, especially since the game installed.

What else can I try or who do I turn to?

I would try starting over after making sure you have the newest version of the xbox os installed. It is a massive download though ( I have a hundred Mbps) and it took me a couple of hours to completely download everything.

Thanks for the info. I have done all that but I can try again, you never know it may work this time.

install them one at a time. start with the one you want to play and wait until it’s finished, then install the second one. That way there is no chance that it switches between them.

I am doing that now, plus I have installed them back to the Xbox hard drive to see if that helps.

Ok so I did a complete uninstall of the game and then did the “Hard or Cold” boot. I then installed the game with no problems to the internal hard drive. I then started the update and let it run all night. Got up this morning and the update had once again stopped at 73%.

I give up, I have done everything except blow the Xbox completely up and start as a new console. The problem has now spanned two different hard drives, several uninstalls and cold boots.

Edit: I did check the updates for the console and it looks like the last completed update was 5/11/15. Not sure if that is the most current or not.

Sorry man, mine just reads the disk for like a second and downloads the whole game. At this point I would call MS and set up a ticket with gearbox: