Unable to update Homeworld to 2.0 on Mac?

Homeworld Remastered Collection does not seem be updating to the latest patch on my Mac. I have tried tinkering with the update priority and even reinstalling entirely. But I still seem to be running the older version of the game. Does anybody know the cause of this or a fix?

My specs:
11 inch macbook air, mid 2012
running os 10.11.5
1.7 GHz intel core i5
4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 ram
Intel HD 4000 1536 mb graphics card

I am playing the steam version.

The port of the patch to Mac OSX is handled by Aspyr - and they’re on the case. I believe my boss (producer of HWRM) stated we’re less than a month from release of the Mac version? It’s around here somewhere…


Ok, I guess that makes sense for such a large patch. Thank you for such a fast reply.

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So every patch or release for Mac will be a month behind?

I honestly can’t say. I imagine they’d merge in the changes for the 2.1 patch prior to releasing just 2.0… ? They are a separate company that does great work.

Came here to ask literally the same question lol. Ah well, I have it installed on bootcamp too so I’ll just have to be patient.

If you watch the update times for the depots (via Steamspy and such) - you can see that Aspyr is certainly busy :wink: Patience…

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Now that salvagers are fixed-ish (haven’t checked if they still only take prey to the MS and not carriers too) I was gonna do a let’s play run with… a unique take. But it’s monumentally easier to do in OS X. I’ll just get back to making more lego ships in the meantime.