Unable to upload PS3 saves

So I’m trying to upload my PS3 BL1 saves by choosing the export option but after choosing my character I just get an error message saying network error.

Gonna be honest I’m having the same issue. The conenction and everything’s fine but the game keeps signing me out of PSN and so I’m unsure if it’s uploaded or not.

Got you both moved to the right spot. Unfortunately, I don’t have any info on this. You can, however, file a support ticket:


It might take a day or two to get a human response - I believe the desk may be quite busy today.

Make sure your save is under 800kb should fix the issue

I also am having a issue with this bought the remastered yesterday and wanted to upload my saves and it says there’s nothing but I clearly see the saves on my ps3. Idk what I need to do guess check my network connection again and see.

Just to confirm, you selected a save using the Export option in the old version of the game, but when you go to Import in the new version it reports there’s nothing to import? Do you get a confirmation dialog at the Export stage in the old version that the export was successful?

No in the old version of Borderlands 1 which was game of the year there is no option for me to export anything.

@samuraith: Do you have the 1.07 patch installed (1.05 for the JP release) and are you signed into PSN when you try to Export your save? I ask, because you must have the latest patch installed and be signed in, for the “Export Character” to appear. Also, are you using the Retail GOTY Edition or the PS Now version? I ask, because the Now version hasn’t been patched yet.

How in the name of Jack do I do that??? Thrwing out a bunch of my guns???

You have to dump all the gear you no longer need, then the file size will go down.

What I did was I transferred the same character over and over with different loot then put it all back together on ps4. Took me a few hours for 3 of my characters

Make sure your save is under 800kb, good luck I had a save that was 1,700kb and took me a hour or so of transferring to get all my loot

I have opened a support ticket with gearbox, so perhaps it would be better for me to wait until I get a response. I have done everything that you have mentioned above. Updated both games, Exported a Character (which was successful), Loaded up the GotY on PS4 and selected ‘Import’. This finds the characters and name of the file and states that it has been successful, but when I go to start a new game, the imported character cannot be found and will only allow me to start a new character. I have done this several times with the import being successful every time. Someone help please.

So nothing is showing up when you toggle the ‘select character’ option? (Should be there right above ‘select playthrough’)

So when I have imported my character, I click New game and when I then click on select character. There is no imported character to be seen. Only ‘New Character’

Do you currently have the PSN cloud sync service active or inactive? That’s the only other thing I can think of that might explain why the import seemed to be successful but you had no game file present.

If it isn’t that, then you’ll need to file a support ticket for further assistance.

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