Unable to use blacked out legendary gear in game (PVE)

(PS4) I found two pieces of legendary gear that don’t work in game. I have seen the posts regarding some PVP gear being proactively shut down but was wondering specifically about the ones I found. I only play PVE.

Vigilance Link
Voxis Core

Both pieces are gear that I would totally love to use. Are they going to patch this??? I have bad enough luck getting legendaries to drop and now the ones I do get are bugged…thanks RNGesus!

They’re disabled pending a balancing fix, AKA “nerf”

The Voxis Core has been disabled for a long time, I believe those two are the last legendaries to still remain inactive since several were disabled and have since been nerfed.

Hopefully in the next big patch (this week or next?)

Don’t feel bad. I did the same thing. Equipped the Vigilance Link in a loadout. (That’s strange, it looks blacked out. Oh, whatever, let’s take it.) Played a solo PvE. It wouldn’t activate. (That’s stranger yet. Well, take it out of the loadout, look around the forums and see what’s up. OH, DUH!)

It happens. Supposedly gonna get fixed soon. Even without the bonus legendary stats, it’s pretty wicked. First one I got was ALMOST max. SO HAPPY.