Unable to use DLC items offline

Has anyone else had this issue?
I’ve got the season pass.
I know there’s no issue when you disconnect from online.
I’m in a new place, so really don’t want to have my ethernet cable going through the house constantly just to play it for the time being haha

I have not, but that sounds awful!

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TBH didn’t tried to play offline with dlc.
But that just sound terrible…

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I would suggest filing a support ticket, since it doesn’t make sense that you wouldn’t be able to play the game in off-line mode (unless you’re streaming it or using game-share on PSN)

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Somebody else posted a similiar thread but in hasn’t gone anywhere. Atleast you got a few more replies. Either way I find it odd no Dlc stuff seems to work offline according to you and the other thread user. Here is what they posted.

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Cheers for the reply.

The weapons show in my inventory but with a big red banner saying “requires moxxi dlc” haha

Bit of a pain but if all the dlc is like that.

It is all like that.

I can play the dlc if online. If you happen to lose your internet connection, it puts you back at covenant pass without the ability to travel to casino, nor use the items we have paid for.

A farcical release this game is. So many little things that destroy the ‘experience’.

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Just a long shot but - based on a post I just saw elsethread - is there an updated TOS that needs to be accepted either for your platform or SHIFT?

I’ve disconnected my connection once in the game and have had no issues at all.
I’m on PC with epic and i don’t think so. Nothing has came up.

It’s ok if you do that while traversing the main campaign maps.

Each time it happens (for me) when in Casino maps. I get a disconnected message, the game exits to main menu, then puts me in Covenant Pass, with everything dlc related unavailable.

I have to fully exit the game, and be online, to get back to the casino.

There was a day one hotfix on the day of the DLC (which is why we are seeing the hotfix applied sign on login), so it’s entirely possible that something is depending on that hotfix.

Glad I found this, but I think is terrible that you can not play offline. I was wondering why I could not get past the poster I get the quest, but can’t do anything with it, and I have the DLC install, but i do not stay connected to the internet any more than i have too.

To add to this, if SHIFT is having issues – like it has been for the past couple days – you will not be able to download hotfixes and be blocked from content enabled by hotfixes like the DLC was when it was first released.

talks to some lucky steam user’s they say no problems for them playing off line. with the internet completely disabled. DLC and all do fine.

So Epic is scr ewing us for sure.

The DLC is part of the game now, but back when this post originated (December, 2019), it was enabled via a hotfix.

^^ ^ Completely wrong - just tested with my laptop [Epic] and I was already logged into the Epic launcher; put my laptop in Airplane mode = NO HANDSOME JACKPOT. Grabbed some map screenshots for those extra 1000 words.
Airplane Mode = No THJ

Relaunched game after enabling internet = THJ OK

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yes it is Screwy,

I managed to finally play it off line on EPIC only by connecting on line starting the game, and then jerking my USB WIFI to disconnect from my ISP, the game hiccuped a little and then continued to let me play off line.

But sometimes on completing main quest’s, it will bugger and drop to a screen that tells me I have to be online to play.

Absolutely terrible in my Opinion… If I had not been gifted the game by a friend I would have just waited for it to come out on steam. I don’t like steam or origin, but they both seem to handle off line play much better. (Mostly)

I just LOVE getting canned support ticket replies…

To clarify; if you are in OFFLINE mode, um, there is NO connection problem :man_facepalming:

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If you explained that you were trying to play off line, they are truly idiot’s or never even read them, and just fling out auto replies…

Like insurance company’s who always deny the first claim, in hopes the client will go away.


UPDATE: (NOT April fools, I wish this were all a bad joke!)
2K has basically washed there hands (COVID-19 pun intended!) of this problem and directed me to Epic Games.

So… down another rabbit hole I go. Epic games only has a “Contact Us” which if that’s there only support function, well, we’ll see how well it works. Anywho, I’ll keep this thread updated with whatever BS, er support I get back from Epic.

Oh and now it’s of course BOTH DLC’s that DO NOT function/are NOT accessible while in OFFLINE mode.