Unable to use Repair Corvettes to Heal the Cryo Trays?

Well, the title pretty much sums it up. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but repair corvettes now cannot heal the Cryo Trays in HW1:R Mission 03 Return to Kharak.

This is rather annoying and makes it VERY hard to rescue all 6 trays. Pretty sure that this is a bug and if it is not then it needs to be changed.

Anyone else having this or other similar issues with the repair corvettes ?

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They simply don’t have repair poiints for the corvettes to latch unto, this looks like an easy oversight (I can’t think of anyone besides you who ever tried to repair the cryotrays :b), and pretty easy to fix.

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well, you need to capture one for the mission anyways, so, having at least 2 salvage corvettes will take care of one of them. the other 2 can be easily killed with other strike craft. in fact, it’s possible to kill them before the first tray gets to 50% HP left, because they will start to fire at your corvettes instead.

imo, who would want to repair the trays in the first place? not necessary. imo, make the game harder, too easy as is. also, 6 salvage corvettes not necessary as following poster suggests.

also, there is a bug where one tray will disappear after the cutscene if it is damaged, but you still get credit for it, as per the audio ‘200,000 people secured’, for the first tray you salvage (should be 100,000 per tray).

At the moment the only way to get all 6 is having enough salvage corvettes to take all frigates.

The number varies, I’ve heard reports of as many as six frigates, which makes it pretty difficult to even get to the first tray before it gets destroyed.

I had some good luck with micromanagement though. Grab the nearest trays, let them be pulled back towards the mothership and out of range, then let go of them and grab the next nearest. Keeps the frigates from focusing down one of the.

I wonder if the relative difficulty compared to HW1 is due to increased weapon ranges.

I’ve heard of nine+ showing up if you go overboard on corvs.

The number varies, I’ve heard reports of as many as six frigates

six, i can only imagine if you build all corvettes maybe, even then, would be a stretch with the amount of resources in the previous maps.

still, i don’t see the significance? is there some sort of achievement for protecting all 6 trays?

also, ions have a hard time hitting strike craft, so just swarm them, capture 1/2. i can’t see more than 3-4 trays being lost, leaving you enough room to finish the mission. making every mission super easy isn’t really desirable. in fact, i would throw some fighters in there too, which attack after you’ve captured the frigate, just for lulz. ;p

I’ve heard of nine+ showing up if you go overboard on corvs.

nine is alot, although i’ve heard lots of strange things in my time, and this one is certainly incredible.

(maybe they meant mission 04, where up to 9 can indeed show up behind the mothership, but you can capture 2 of them with only 2 salvage vettes, they don’t do much damage if you check their stats, much inferior to yours. the rest you can kill with strike craft.)

just for reference, i had a full fleet the entire first playthrough, barely lost anything of significance (i gave up on capturing due to bugs).

second playthrough, had better luck with capturing, ended up with 6 heavy cruisers (didnt build a single one), and 6 destroyers, got kinda lazy and lost a few destroyers, and over the cap on ion frigates/multi-beam most of the time. :\

although i did play the classics back in the day, which probably helps. but overall perspective is most are too easy.

There isn’t, and shouldn’t have to be. It in itself is the achievement, significant in the context of the game’s story, and because it’s more difficult than just winning the mission.

right, you know in the game ‘world of goo’, each map’s completion has an ‘OCD’ (obsessive completion distinction) achievement? ;p i found that rather introspective.

Well, I managed to collect all 6 trays And capture all 7 Ti Frigates. Still would be nice to have the option to repair the trays like in HW1 classic.

How ever there is another bug, one that I hope doesn’t continue through the missions and gets fixed, an that is any Ti ship you cature, once in the mother ship gets turned to RUs, Since I captured all 7 frigates I should of at least gotten 6 back as converted frigates for my use. Well I didn’t >.> so that kind of irratated me to say the least :frowning:.

yea, not saying repping the trays isnt a bug. just commenting on how easy the HW1:RM campaign is in general ;p

as for the Ti capture bug being turned into RU. haven’t had that. (only cannot retire captured units until map change or something, maybe loading a save).

at one point, it seemed like frigates weren’t being capped, but when my collectors carrying salvage all finished docking, and a few frigates built, finally the capped ships came out like a few minutes later ;D

lolz now that’s an odd bug :open_mouth: lolz but ya the campaign does seem a tad easy, but that might just be that were vets assuming you played the 1st game way back and we know how to micromange well etc lolz. They also need to revert the mine layer corvettes from using the HW2 mechanic >.< I miss my literal walls of minds in sphere formation around the mothership >.< lolz

I repaired them in my vanilla run through just a few days ago.

Same issue exists in HWR trying to repair the Bentusi Tradeship in Mission 11. Support Frigates can’t do it.

A difficulty setting for the campaign would probably be a smart thing to implement. It is too easy for veterans, but too hard for newbies.

What are you some kind of Monster !! that’s 100,000 souls your talking about :slight_smile: