Unannounced Battleborn Hero - The Empress Strikes Back


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Looks i’m onto something here



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So the female hero we see running in my video isn’t the Empress. If you haven’t put 1 and 2 together, the recent announced Deande is the hero in the video. Yes she can do some thingy throwing stuff.

But that’s just one half of the video. We still have the piece of gear with the quote from Empress Lenore. Is this just lore or is she the fifth Jennerit hero ? (1 Rath, 2 Caldarius, 3 Ambra, 4 Deande)

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But the quote still remains in the game so big possibility she will be in he story side of things? or DLC ?

The only thing i know of Empress Lenore is that Rendain pushed her to the side as he took over the Imperium. In Deande’s personal log is mentioned that the Empress is lost in the Void. So it could be possible we meet her during the story campaign.


The fact that Kleese is a playable character definitely gives me hope. Also, other battleborn are also seen as characters in the campaign, like ISIC, so even if she isn’t playable at launch, it’s definitely a possibility for NPCs to be in the game. Also curious, where did that silhouette picture come from?

I’ve been wondering that too

HAHAHA Welcome to the world of photoshop :wink:

Remember this image was created on the basis of the 4 by 5 pixel lady seen in the video. a two blade throwing female character wearing a skirt. This turned out to be Deande. So i edited a character render of ambra as she kinda had the samething going on, except for the staff and her crown. Then i needed some blades, well better ask Rath nicely if i can borrow his sword. As the full color render would fall apart i created a silhouette to the mystery


I was wondering about that and looks like I got it right. Sneaky sneaky. :stuck_out_tongue:

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and you all fell for it :wink:
For those who are wondering about my whiskey foxtrot being Galilea character render. I kinda did a similar thing there, i posted it in the unannounced whiskey foxtrot thread

Man, I really liked that picture too. I was hoping that was what the actual character was gonna look like.

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@MentalMars it striked me the other day that the empress will probably be coming as one of the DLC characters!!

Right so Rendain clearly said at the start that the Empress is not dead even though everyone seems to think she is.

but i believe this to be the Empress!!


Well lets see the sholder pad on her left (our right) looks distinctively Jennerit! sort of similar to Ambra’s hat thing.

next is based off of her right arm looking distinctively like Rendains, i think this makes her the empress as i can only think to believe only the higher ups of the Jennerit would have these weapons.

Thoughts? It is a big shot in the dark but i fell like i maybe close :stuck_out_tongue:


ok @Jax_Rift i’ll bite :stuck_out_tongue:


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even done quickly it still looks nice enough to hang up on my fridge. Also I don’t think we will see the empress playable but I do feel we will see her in the game also I want the one you claim to be LLC because they are my fav faction and I think it would be a bit more fitting even though the guy on the other side will prob be the LLC character.

Can we predict Nova in a Mech Suit on the left for the LLC, it has a minion robotics look


Hey I am down for nova she has such great dialog that leads to believe that shes playable in the future at least. So even if that bulky suit is Nova I am down although I would prefer a full body AI look to her instead because we already have an AI in a mech suit.

Actually I don’t think that is a automated mech suit. It looks like you can see a helmet over a head. The head has distinctive lips.

I was kind of hoping for the one on the right to be Nova.