Unannounced character in game trailer?

So I just watched the game trailer and noticed a character whose not been announced yet. He’s a little big and is wearing a hat and it shows some game footage of him with a shotgun and uses a skill that grabs people with a hook and pulls them to him. Has anyone else notice this???

Dont know about the hat… but its Trevor Ghalt! Shot gun and chain :smiley:

check out @MentalMars’s site!!

Edit: He has more info on this in this part of the site, http://mentalmars.com/game-news/battleborn-who-is-ghalt/2/

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What @Jax_Rift said

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Reminds me of Stiches in Hots and
Roadhog in Overwatch.


Damn, I was 100% positive I was watching overwatch Roadhog gameplay for the first glimpse of that gif

They might look similar at first. Both a hook + shotgun. But we do have the Helix in Battleborn so these moves can get other abilities as you level up :wink:

The weapon in that game looks and sounds similar to the Flak Cannon from the Unreal Tournament games. Here’s hoping Trevor Ghalt’s gun sounds as impressive.