Unannounced or New Battleborn Variation

I thought I’d open a discussion and hear other peoples thoughts about the characters so far and those yet unannounced. So I watched a video from 2014 when Randy Pitchford is talking about the idea of Battleborn taking off and the concept of there being a last star in the universe. He says every species basically that’s ever been is going to end up funneled to the last star, the last bit of energy and all that.

So far all the characters are pretty humanoid-ish. The obvious exceptions are Miko, Orendi, Boldur, and the sort of robotic ones but even they stand on two legs, have arms, heads, etc.

When I envision every possible alien in space retreating to one point, I imagine quite a bit more variation. Not to criticize too harshly because I love all the characters and I absolutely loved playing it in the closed technical test. I would just love to see those guys really stretch their imaginations for playable characters.

I’m sure there’s a lot of difficulty involved in trying to balance these things as it is, but I’d love to be able to play as a sort of alien creature. Think 1986 Aliens. Something on four legs or even six like some kind of giant space ant. I don’t know. Just something to think about.

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Its a thing in horror movies that the monster must be relatable so its scary and not just a thing. Hope you understand english isn`t my primary language. :smile:


Not sure if I understand your meaning but my reference to the 1986 horror movie was just as an example of what a creature might look like. Certainly porting in a xenomorph just like from the movie was be over-powered. :wink:

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I mean that the heros in battleborn are similar to the human being and its proportions ( arms legs etc) so you will have connection with them from the beginning. In evolve that was a problem with the monsters that you didn`t have connection with it. So if the hero does not have the connection it wont feel natural for the player. :grin: :smile:

Needs more tentacles. - lovecraft

I understood perfectly. Basically most players would feel a stronger connection with a human or humanoid character versus something like a slime pool or a dragon, which is why all of the BB characters so far stand on two legs and have two arms even if they’re aren’t human. We’ll see what the final characters look like once they’re released - one of them may buck this trend.

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Ohh I see now. You’re absolutely right. I think I’d still enjoy something whacky and totally new though.

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Kleese is totally gonna be a cool LLC character. With Miko being the only battleborn that can heal allies so far, I think adding Kleese the field technician is really gonna be cool. Of course, there is no physical proof they’re gonna make Kleese a happen, but…