Unanswered Twitch Stream / AMA questions regarding Pendles

Dear @Jythri,

I missed the Reddit AMA and none of my questions were answered in the Twitch stream yesterday so I hope you’ll answer them here.

  • Is the across the board AoE reductions going to affect Pendles’ Smoke Bomb or Miasma? In the stream it was mentioned that Orendi wasn’t being nerfed by this so I’m hoping Pendles isn’t being nerfed either because he has the second lowest HP in the game so any damage reduction is amplified due to his squishiness.
  • How come Pendles, a melee character, did not receive the across the board HP boost the other Melee characters did?



Small note, they didn’t get to fit much in the stream. They mentioned there’s a lot more unsaid. Likely health buff for him, although, I wouldn’t be surprised I’d he didn’t get one. The others got one for having to stay directly on lane to compete for exp, but that’s not really Pendles thing, ya know? But if they nerfed smoke bomb, I’d be shocked. It’s almost negligible rn. Might as well nerf FWWM and Parting Gift

It’s the fact that they said ALL AoE, across the board, was being nerfed. Then they took the additional step to highlight Orendi by saying that she was the exception.

I agree w/ you that Smoke Bomb’s damage is negligible so nerfing it would be cruel and spiteful. So I’m just trying to determine if they are being cruel and spiteful to my favorite character. :smile_cat:

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