Unbalanced Gear, we really need that fixed

it seems like the cap for items’ cost is 1800 shards. That leads to the creation of Legendary items of different power for the same cost.

Example - H3NCHM3N’s Capacitor
Both I and my wife have one, but

Stats of mine: -20.35% Buildable Cost, +10.18% Shield Penetration + the special effect +20% to Tier 3 buildables’ shields

Wife’s item’s stats: -17.44% Buildable Cost, +8.72% Shield Penetration + the same special effect with the same 20%


I’ve already talked about how Randomized stats have bad effect on competitive side of the game and how all items (with same names) should have same stats at least in ranked (or ranked should have its own item loadouts pre-set for each character). But this kind of disbalance shouldn’t be present even in normal PvP or PvE modes. Either uncap the cost of the gear or make stats cap with the cost cap.


Update. Now I got myself a worse version of Legendary Character specififc Gear (which is even more upsetting since I can’t re-grind it).

Blade Of Transfusion:

Mine: +7.18% Attack Speed, +3.08% Skill Damage + 50% heal from your ult

My friend’s: +9.70% Attack Speed, +4.04% Skill Damage + 50% heal from your ult

Once again - both cost 1800 in-match

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I don’t care as much about the legendary drops (though, I do think they should be standardized).

The character legendaries should 100% be standardized.

Edit: Standardized meaning “not random”

Why don’t you? Just curious.

Also if you’ve mean that they shouldn’t be Random, I kinda agree. But we still need the price to reflect their quality then.

I did mean “not random”.

I don’t care about loot drops as much because you can farm them. If I get a crappy version of a legendary gear, then I have to go grind out the level until I get the better one. It happens. Sure, it sucks, but it happens. Yea, it is inconsistent that the cost is the same for an obviously worse item and should probably be fixed.

But, if I had to rank these issues:

  1. Character-Specific Legendary Items should be the same for everyone
  2. General Legendary Items should be the same for everyone
  3. If Legendary items are not given identical stats, then they should have different prices.
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Got you now, and I agree

I absolutely agree.

The variances aren’t much, but if they’re there at all then they should be reflected in the price.

Seriously though: They shouldn’t be there at all…

Character-specific legendaries are apparently bugged (they’re supposed to be the same for everyone). I can’t say I agree on general legendary items being the same for everyone though- you can farm those and get multiples.

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Well, I don’t mind them being different, but the price should reflect that

It gives a little goal outside the pvp match to strive for to slightly improve the character for pvp. I don’t agree that the price should reflect the difference in stats.

I feel like gear feedback and redesign was pretty much completely ignored from beta. It also doesnt help that what they did do we have no clue about either. I agree that all gear is not created equal but that just forces you to play more i guess…

That was one of the premises of the game balance that made many agree with the gear system. TotalBiscuit advocated the gear system mostly because of that price=power coralation, as did many others including me.

Grinding for items would be fine, but not if it is PURELY RANDOM. + Since the game has a heavy PvP focus, PvE shouldn’t be TOO important for your PvP experience. Just having to grind for gear to drop on bosses is well enough.

I actually do think the price should reflect the stats for legendary items as well- that would make for a good trade-off. Maybe somewhere around 1600 for the lowest roll and 1800 for a perfect roll.

If anything, that will make me drop the game, because I don’t like the aproach to balancing. I don’t mind a bit of grinding here and ther, but the random chance completely destroyes the fun of it. After all it is PvP focused game with complementary PvE system, not the other way around.

And don’t even let me get started on how badly it will effect a pro-scene if such ever emerges.

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That would make sense. Still not perfect for ranked, but good enough for PvE and casual PvP.

I believe when it comes to the competitive scene GBX was considering a tournament gear pool, where there would be a pre-selected set of gear that everyone can choose from. IMO that would be the best compromise for high-level play. Until then we’ll just have to deal with the RNG.

Pre-set loadouts for pro-scene/ranked would make sense.

I can live with RNG in casual PvP, but ony if price reflects the power

All the other gear changes price if its better apart from legendary i dont see why it shouldnt be the same


wow that’s just bad :frowning:
I only have two or three legendary weapons tho. Never realize that.