Unbalanced Multiplayer Matches

Before I mention any complaints/suggestions I currently have with the game, Iwant to say that overall I do throughly enjoy the game and it’s unique play style and graphics.

That being said I feel that multiplayer is often heavily unbalanced which often leads to frustrating match results and uneventful gameplay. I have had a handful of games that were competitive and evenly matched in terms of overall player level, but 85-90% of the MP games Ive played are extremely unbalanced. I know there are things I could do to combate this issue, such as play with friends or group up with recent team members but this does not seem to fix the issue. When I have paired up with 2-3 other players the level balance still seems to be tipped heavily to oneside, and I personally prefer to play solo. If the developers could find a way to match players w/ similar levels I think it would increase the entertainment value and keep players engaged much longer. I believe competitive gameplay is what most users enjoy the most when all is said and done. No matter what caliber player you are, the close and competitive matches are typically the most enjoyable.

Solo queue only matches would be nice, i think most people are afraid to solo queue because they’ll be put up against premades. Even if you randomly get a bad team it would still be less frustrating.

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you’re right basically, but make mistakes in the process.

GBX tracks our scores and how well we do in matches already. command rank is just a smaller indication of “how much time” did a given player invest yet, not how good he is, since you get XP for every breath you take basically.

but teamwork is really the factor. I played with 4 randoms that teamed up after games since we liked how we played together and that most knew their way and could contribute. steamroll since we went on voicechatting and communicating, acting as a team and not 5 solo warriors. a day later I faced those guys with another team, and the match was DAMN close now. two teams both focussing, picking their fights and doing strategic moves was really intense, we lost 50-49 on Incursion and it was a BLAST, really something I normally only experienced in very old style FPS. the advantage shifted multiple times during that match, and we could shake hands afterwards :slight_smile:

get some cool ppl you like to have around and enjoy it. soloQ might be good sometime when there’s enough players.

Totally agree with both of you and appreciate the insight. I used to be a heavily dominated team/group FPS player, but with my line of work I often turn to video games for some much needed alone time.

Still love the game just looking forward to being able to play some more competitive matches by “my-lonesome”

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I have been rolling with a team for a while (been playing with the same guys across many games for years). This isn’t a brag but we havent lost since release (60+ games, AU region) and lost maybe twice in the beta, we have vsd some good “players” but only one or two “good teams” but to your point, we played a group of randoms who later that day had obviously teamed up and once they started coordinating it got MUCH much harder. This game doesnt need a balancing patch as much as it needs an education patch.

We never run Support + Gal (which supposed to break the game) and crush “teams” (not pugs) who have used it. How? We spent the time learning how a Reyna/Miko/Ahmbra works with the champ but there is currently no way of learning that in game in PVP. Team comp is almost irrelevant for Capture but vital to Incursion and Meltdown, again the game never says any of that.

Tl:DR This game will lose a lot of its player base just like Evolve based purely on an education curve that doesnt get addressed because coordination and understanding the mechanics of champs/game modes trump the skill of individual players which leads to the victim mentality of “I did good, its my team who sucks”


I disagree with the comment about how command rank doesn’t matter, but to an extent. As of now I am rank 6. This means that me, and most of the players I seem to have been paired with are stuck with using a select few Champs until we can rank up enough to have even a little bit of diversity in our team. I played the beta and found several Champs I really enjoyed playing with. They are all locked right now, but the point is I recently played a game where no one on my team was at even rank 10, and I’m getting paired with teams were the lowest level is 22. After a while command rank will mean nothing I agree, but disagree at earlier stages of pvp

I agree. It sucks when you hop into a match looking to play with random then see you are match against individuals who are obviously teamed together.

Had that last night where I played against three people who all had ‘Darth’ in their name (a clear sign in my opinion that they were a part of a clan or group) and they were all level 40+.

I totally agree with you Sheep. And I know that one could pair up and play with a team (as the post 2 above you mentioned) however if no friends are available or you feel like playing solo or even +1 you’re often left playing against those who are much more experienced with unique characters and mutations.

Opening up another playlist or balancing the current one would help offset this issue