Uncommonly heard dialouge

I made a thread on the BL1 forum about dialouge checks you can miss if you always fast travel right here

So this will be an offshott of this thread where i talk about the same thing, but in borderlands 2. I also heavily suggest we all playthrough some things like the main story quests, DLC, and side quests without using fast travels to see what we can find out.

The main reason im posting this is because i found 2 things in the captain scarlett DLC. The first thing is when you have the quest to kill sandman and you travel to oasis from wurmwater, you get some scarlett dialouge you probably, but might not know about. Its not that big of a deal.

However, after you kill sandman,and travel to wurmwarer, if you happen to die from the super badass loaders initially guarding the caravan and spawn back at the entrance to wurmwater like i did, because you entered from there of course, you might get a scripted sequence that i got. I dont want to spoil it, but OH MY GOD. If you dont know what happens there, you will be as floored as i was seeing it for the first time.

Any thoughts, or similar dialouge checks?

I’ll have to check that out. I heard an NPC say something the other day that I hadn’t noticed before, but probably because I just hadn’t noticed it.

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I’ve found something of this kind just recently: in Liar’s Berg, while following ClapTrap, he’ll be talking about Boom and Bewm until the gate; at that point Jack will pop on the Echonet munching Preztels. If one stops before crossing the gate and waits few seconds, ClapTrap will turn around and say a line that can’t be heard otherwise.

is it her saying “you may be asking why I’m sending you to kill Sandman… first: I’m happy to see you taking the initiative… second: you’re expendable…”; all that stuff?

I suppose you mean not by fast travel but going back to Oasis from Hayter’s Folly, and then from Oasis to Wurmwater, or?

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Nah, she asks you about some new catchphrases. It doesn’t play if you fasttravel to Oasis, only if you manually travel there.

I’ll have to try that other one.

I think there’s a line in Highlands Outwash that I’ve heard only once and I’m not sure what triggers it. It was I think Lilith talking about being hunted for your life by a fascist leader and at least somethings stay the same. Maybe it’s tied to not picking up the beacon too fast or something.

There’s a line from Elllie that’s easy to miss after turning in the quest for car parts (don’t take new quest after turning the quest in or jump in a technical). She tells you to tell Scooter to stop lighting her customers on fire. It’s in reference to Scooter telling you he’d tie you in a vending machine and set you on fire if you do something with Ellie. In case you never noticed, at the entrance to Dust there is a dead bandit that has been tied to a vending machine, nice touch there.

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yes, that too.

If you mean when she and Roland are talking about how they first helped to put Jack in power and now they’re helping to kill him, I always listen to that if I wait there after picking up the beacon and don’t enter the Highlands right away.


Yes, that one. I tried hanging around last time but it just didn’t play. Takes quite a long then apparently. I guess I’ll try it again when I’m there the next time.

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I just discovered that one in the last few months too. I still wish NPCs couldn’t cut each other off like that in BL2, but that ship sailed a long time ago… For the first few playthroughs after I got the game, I missed whole chunks of dialog during the Sanctuary attack because of Roland, Jack, Lilith, & Scooter all cutting each other off. :slight_smile:

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There’s quite a lot Claptrap says if you hang around near his spot in Sanctuary when he asks you to high five him. Simply don’t comply and he rambles on a bit more! :smiley:

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I hear this all the time

never have seen this will have to look now instead of rushing by

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I think there’s another one down by the entrance to The Highlands where you meet Steve during Clan Wars as well! :slight_smile:


At which point is there a dialogue there? You are in dust when told to see Steve and the whole mission is completed there too.

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Sorry! I meant to quote the post above with the charred bandit strapped to the vending machine thing! :slight_smile:


I know that one too, thats an easy one to miss though.

You basically just have to wait until you hear the ground rumble, after you kill the threasher to get the beacon.[quote=“Psymonkee, post:8, topic:1555925, full:true”]
There’s quite a lot Claptrap says if you hang around near his spot in Sanctuary when he asks you to high five him. Simply don’t comply and he rambles on a bit more!

He always has really long lines, which is good sometimes. Like during the story mission for dragon keep, dont take his rune immidiately.

So i dont think i was being too clear during my last post about the really significant thing that happens in wurmwater that im pretty sure im the first one to see, or atleast post about seeing. So here is a step by step guide as to how i found it.

  1. Kill sandman and leave through the entrance, and not the fast travel.

  2. Travel from oasis to wurmwater using a sandskiff. Once you load in, the sequence was definitely intended to load here, but it didnt for me.

  3. DO NOT GO TO SCARLETT’S SHIP! Go right to the hyperion caravan, let them engage you, then let them kill you, maybe after killing 1 or 2 like i did. You might be able to just die any which way, but i do know you have to respawn at the entrance to wurmwater, so dont hit any other new u or fast travel stations.

  4. You respawning at the entrance to wurmwater should reset the sequence in a way so it happens. I also want to be clear that this is not just dialouge, this is a scripted sequence, so also keep your eyes open.

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Tagging this for future reference (going to try this out when I get back to Pandora).

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Today I actually tried it and I’ve witnessed it; thanks for sharing :acmaffirmative:
Also, I didn’t need to die at the caravan: as soon as I entered Wurmwater and set off, the sequence started.

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Nice, atleast i found a way to set the sequence if yours is bugged i guess, lol. Ima play through the rest of the campaign with no fast travel as i did in the first game to see if there are other things to miss.

While it’s probably pretty well known and it’s not an ECHO transmission, in Flamerock refuge the douchy patrons have 2 lines they keep throwing at Moxxi. I hadn’t heard the 2nd one before as I usually punch them pretty fast.

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I feel like this thread has the potential to be a lot bigger than my borderlands 1 thread, just so much more content.

So just 2 more i didnt think of before that can be missed easily, and something else to hear.

First, when you first get into sanctuary and are about to see scooter for the first time, angel will start talking to you. However, she does give you an introduction to sancuary if you wait instead of going into scooter’s place immidiately.

Secondly, there are a few points where claptrap will go into long rants if you let him. We already talked about the high five one after turning him invisible, and the one in dragon keep where you dont immidiately take his rune. However i forgot to mention the one where he falls off a cliff, and gets stuck in the snow before the knuckledragger fight. Let me know of any i might be forgetting.

So another source of dialouge the vast majority of people probably miss out on are from npc’s who have quests to give you. If you activate them without taking the quest, and just wait in their menu, they will start making conversation. This includes but is not limited to scooter, moxxi, sir hammerlock, lilith, brick, mortecai, loggins, and even mick zaford. The thing that sucks is that if you finish their quests, you will only ever hear them saying their generic no missions dialouge. It seems almost like an oversight, but atleast you can still hear them.

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One that might get overlook a lot is turning in the WEP story mission - let Roland and Lilith talk before you turn in the quest. Same applies after Brick comes back to Sanctuary and come to think of it when it starts flying too!

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