Unconventional "Fire and Ice" Moze

Imagine a Moze that is not a Bloodletter, utilizes melee, utilizes novas, and makes you feel like a wizard. I finally got out of the beam grenade spam habit, and let me tell you that there are so many ways to play Moze if you just dedicate a little bit of time to finding oddly satisfying synergies.

I play my Moze as a sort-of “fire and ice wizard” type of character that you would find in an RPG. There is one mandatory piece of gear, and several items and anointments that I recommend to tie into the theme but aren’t “required”.

The mandatory shield is the Frozen Heart with the Gunner Anointment: “While terrified, reloading emits a cryo nova”. Since this anointment is on the Frozen Heart shield itself, the nova you emit actually gains the legendary effect of instantly freezing enemies hit by it. No longer will you have to wait for your shield to charge fully, then deplete; reload your weapon and freeze on demand.

A recommended weapon would be the Face Puncher. After freezing a target, you will gain 300% more melee damage, which the Face Puncher benefits from. Combine this with the White Elephant artifact, which not only allows the explosions to deal 300% extra damage on frozen targets, but also allows your Face Puncher to crit, which means you can regenerate your ammo every second with Redistribution as well as Means of Destruction through splash damage. Having the Knife Drain prefix allows you to have an additional healing method to Vampyr.

I like to use the Firestorm grenade to tie into the theme. Conjure a meteor storm? Hell yeah! Still devastating after the nerf. Up to you if you want to use the variant that summons more meteors over a larger area, or the variant that summons a singularity. But whatever grenade you choose, make sure it has the anointment: “Melee attacks have a 25% chance to cause terror to yourself” if using the Face Puncher, or “On Action Skill End, gain a stack of terror every 5 seconds” if you aren’t using the Face Puncher.

The class mod I like to use is the Mind Sweeper. It can add an extra point to Redistribution, allowing you to regenerate 10% of your magazine per second with a 2/1 investment whenever you crit, which you will all the time. That, plus whenever you crit, there is a 25% chance to drop a micro grenade. These micro grenades proc Vampyr, and can also crit, which in turn can drop more micro grenades. If you are an explosion fanatic like me, this effect will make you giggle.

Whatever weapons you choose to kill with, I recommend you having the anointment: “While terrorized, gain 50% extra cryo damage”. Not only does this give you 50% cryo damage for your guns, but also your grenades, melee attacks, White Elephant explosions, Iron Bear weaponry, Mind Sweeper micro grenades, Frozen Heart novas, and Short Fuse explosions.

I am still tinkering with the skill trees, but I am certain that the essential skills you want are: Cloud of Lead for free shots and extra fire damage, Redistribution for ammo regeneration, Fire In The Skag Den for extra fire damage whenever you hit enemies with grenades, White Elephant explosions, micro grenades, Iron Bear weaponry, Frozen Heart novas and Short Fuse explosions, Means of Destruction for regenerating ammunition and grenades, Pull the Holy Pin to allow your grenades and micro grenades to crit, Vampyr for grenade and
micro grenade healing, Short Fuse for more explosions, and finally Experimental Munitions for extra fire damage each time you crit. Using these skills and the cryo anointment allows you to freeze and burn your enemies all the time. I am having a blast.


This sounds hilarious and so much fun. Good work.

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what is your skill tree look like?

I am actually doing a face puncher moze build with ward and blast master.

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This is super clever. I am going to see if it works on a 1hp build and whether the Bloodletter converts the nova’s healing effect into shields. You could probably hit crazy stacks of selfless vengeance with this, in addition to all of the cryo effects.

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Not sure, but I think I’ve had an experience where, below a certain health threshold, Selfless didn’t trigger. Not a certain fact, but something I thought I noticed once while leveling.

It…also…doesn’t stack? I’ve run this skill since level 3, and I’ve never seen it stack. It is really nice for those times you have to reload though

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You may be right about the stacking, but it definitely works at 1hp — essentially negating the hp loss.

So I tried the terror nova and also rolled a “nova on entering IB” version. I wasn’t running vampyr on the build, so I’m not sure about the healing effect, but it felt like the nova AOE was smaller than the nova you get on shield break.

I also rolled an anointed version that constantly does novas while phasegrasping enemies, which seems awesome.

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