Undefined resolution makes my frames drop


A long time ago, I played Borderlands with my friend. Never had any problems, I could run this game on medium settings and still wouldn’t have any lagg.
Now I tried to play it again with all the DLC’s. The problem was that I had huge framedrops (aiming in Maya her phaselock). I never had this before, but np, I lowered my graphics. When everything was low, I still had the same problem. Then I wanted to lower my resolution. I saw there was undefined as resolution.
After some searching on the internet, I found others with the same problem. This undefined resolution is a bug which lowers my general frames. I tried updating my drivers which were on the site of my computer (HP pavilion 15), deleting my ini files, I upgraded to windows 10. Nothing seemed to work.
Does anyone know a solution for this?

My specs:
Intel I7
Nvidea GeForce GT 740M

start, device manager. tell me what it says for display. If it doesn’t say your gpu, or if there’s a yellow triangle, 64 bit windows or 32 bit windows

Well my display adapters are Intel® HD Graphics Family and NVIDEA GeForce GT 740M. Both have no yellow triangle. Also I have a 64bit system. The full processor name is Intel i7-4500U with 1.80GHz - 2.40GHz

should only have one display adapter

I have a notebook. It is common for notebooks to have 2 adapters. In the Nvidea configuration tab I can choose which display adapter I use and for al my games it is my Nvidea graphic card

have you tried verifying the files?

You mean via the steam client? Yes I tried that and my frames still drop to 10 fps ;’(


Well yes, there hasn’t posted a solution at any site I looked for that works for me…